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Beauty tech at L'Oréal

At the heart of L'Oréal's beauty tech strategy is a drive for personalization and inclusivity. Our Beauty Tech division is a testament to the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the beauty industry, pioneering the creation of highly personalized and inclusive beauty solutions.

The company has made significant strides in the realm of beauty tech, launching groundbreaking products like the HAPTA or 3D shu:brow. These devices embody the company's dedication to inclusivity, addressing individual consumer needs and preferences.

L'Oréal's beauty tech journey also includes initiatives in seamless online-offline consumer experiences and leveraging AI and data analysis for enhanced personalization.The commitment to beauty tech is also evident in the company's collaborative efforts with startups to develop a new generation of innovative beauty products, devices, and digital services. 

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The Green Sciences revolution

L'Oréal's Green Sciences program represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future for the beauty industry. This initiative aims to harness the power of green sciences, including agronomy, biotech, green chemistry, and formulation, to create safe, effective, and environmentally-friendly products. Over the past decade, green sciences have been integral to L'Oréal's product design and manufacturing process, playing a critical role in the company's transition towards sustainability.

Thanks to our unique collection of proprietary active ingredients, L’Oréal’s Research & Innovation teams are developing cutting-edge innovations in the formulation process. Our priority is to ensure the quality and sustainability of our ingredients in order to preserve global biodiversity and guarantee our customers’ safety.

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L'Oréal Open innovation

The L'Oréal Open Innovation program is a strategic approach that combines internal and external ideas to drive the company's innovation in beauty and digital technologies. This program is focused on fostering collaboration with early-stage companies that are reinventing digital beauty services.

Our Open Innovation program has led to several breakthroughs. For instance, we have partnered with Station F, Founders Factory, and Partech Ventures to launch our first Open Innovation program. Moreover, initiatives such as the L'Oréal North Asia Big Bang Beauty Tech Innovation Program have showcased the company's commitment to fostering open innovation and co-creation of innovative beauty solutions in different regions.

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