Values & Mindset

The drivers that guide us to fulfill our purpose

At L’Oréal, our six values are at the heart of everything. Passion, Innovation, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Open-mindedness, Quest for Excellence and Responsibility are our guidelines. They are shared by our people everywhere. They shape our mindset. Our priority is to be open to new trends and ideas from around the world, at any time. The most effective way to be a pioneer.

for what cosmetics can bring to women and men: well-being, self-confidence, an openness towards others. Passion also for a business which is intrinsically linked to humanity and culture. Because creating beauty products and services means seeking to understand others, knowing how to listen to them, apprehending their traditions, anticipating their needs... This passion is what makes the L’Oréal adventure so fascinating.


is also one of our founding values and the name of the game in our business. We always have in mind the fact that our company was founded by a scientist. Innovation is essential because beauty is an endless quest that constantly requires a higher level of performance. At L’Oréal, it is vital. Always wanting to push back the limits of knowledge means discovering new ways to create products and services that are truly different and surprising. To always stay one step ahead. Because there is no innovation without daring, without taking initiatives, L’Oréal has always given priority to the individual rather than to processes.

Entrepreneurial spirit

a synonym for autonomy, challenge, and adventure, has always been encouraged and embodied in a specific management style. Today it is still the driving force behind a Group built above all on a belief of the importance of each individual and their talents.


Listening to consumers and understanding their culture, being open to others and benefiting from their differences are absolute priorities in order to respond to the infinite diversity of beauty aspirations around the world. They are inseparable from our business and our mission.

Quest for Excellence

These four values are inextricably related to our fifth value, the Quest for Excellence. A value that permeates every aspect of our business, in every country and that is expressed in a state of mind and a constant pursuit of doing better.
We all share this desire to surpass ourselves to be able to provide the best for our consumers.


Finally, whether the Group is innovating or showing its entrepreneurial spirit, it has always done so with a sense for Responsibility.
L’Oréal's first invention, the “safe hair dye” was already an expression of this fundamental concern for effective, safe and innocuous products. But our sense of responsibility goes far beyond that. As a world leader in beauty, we have, more than others, the duty to protect the beauty of the planet and to contribute to the well-being of our employees and of the communities with which we engage.

Discover The Visionaries

The founders of our brands are daring personalities.
They embody our entrepreneurial spirit, our thirst for innovation and our passion for beauty.
They seize new trends ahead of their time.
They create the beauty that moves the world

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