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Founded in 1945 by visionary French entrepreneurs, Maria & Rosy Carita, the eponymous Carita brand has been the emblem of ultra-premium skincare and exceptional beauty professionalism for over 75 years. Caring for the most demanding clientele of the world and embodying the essence of professional beauty, Carita’s objective is to offer the most exclusive professional skincare experiences.


"We are the entrepreneurs of metamorphosis."
Rosy & Maria Carita
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Seven decades after the Carita sisters launched their Maison de Beauté at 11 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in the presence of the Duchess of Windsor and 3,000 people from Paris high society, this iconic beauty destination is now writing a new chapter in its history.

The renowned architects Cristiano Benzoni and Sophie Thuillier of REV Studio redesigned the Maison’s historic space to create an experience that transcends Carita’s heritage. The legendary Parisian address well-known for attracting a clientele of unparalleled prestige offer an immersive beauty and wellness experience of 1800 meters square including skincare, hairdressing and make-up services, as well as an in-house gourmet Restaurant & Café “ROSY" by Chef Amandine Chaignot, a private beauty “apartment” and an art-de-vivre concept store.

Carita has brought together a team of visionaries and experts including industry icon John Nollet, appointed Maison de Beauté’s Artistic Director in June 2022. After supporting the brand during the two years of its rebirth, John Nollet participates in all creative decisions with a single objective in mind: design an exceptional beauty and wellness experience of unparalleled prestige.

“ We take care of your dreams.” Rosy and Maria Carita
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The brand has reimagined its legendary protocols while still staying faithful to Carita’s brand legacy. These include its professional choreographic gestures, professional beauty tech and the brand’s professional products, inspired by new science-based formulas.

Carita’s mainstay products, Rénovateur, Lotion Nacrée and Fluide 14 have been reinterpreted, while a suite of new products including 3 ultra-premium ranges, Or Rejuvenic, Cristal Morphologic and Lagon Hypertonic, are reshaping the Carita philosophy by targeting essential anti-aging needs: regenerate, remodel and repair. The new packaging, featuring exquisite signature flacons, offers a visual representation of modern refinement inspired by the architectural splendour of the portico at 11 Faubourg. This unique packaging features magnificent, recycled glass and 100% recycled cardboard coffrets. 

OR Rejuvenic derives its benefits from formulas enriched with regenerating Biotech Gold 24K. CRISTAL Morphologic offers a re-sculpting effect thanks to micronized tourmaline combined with rigorously selected minerals and active ingredients. LAGON Hypertonic draws its restorative benefits from mineral-rich waters of Polynesian lagoons. The precious minerals found in the new ranges are sustainably sourced. True to the brand’s pioneering spirit since 1945, these new offerings recall that exceptional professional skincare remains at the soul of the Carita journey.

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Carita is the story of two women who revolutionized global beauty from hairdressing to skincare. They decode their time and anticipate the evolution of society and its approach to beauty. For them, beauty has to be global. In 1958, they created the first fluid cosmetics that changed the codes of skincare with their "pro-penetrating", concentrated and effective formulas. In 1962, they combined the effectiveness of professional gestures and formulas with the power of beauty-tech, to amplify the results of their care protocols.

Well-known for attracting a clientele of unparalleled prestige, Carita is the story of a Maison, an address, 11 Faubourg Saint Honoré, Paris that has welcomed international elites for the past seventy years, from celebrities to crowned heads including Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Adjani, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, the Duchess of Windsor, Princess Grace of Monaco and Queen Noor of Jordan among others. 

Maria and Rosy Carita had a significant impact on fashion and on costume design, contributing to the success of magazines such as Vogue and to that of designers like Givenchy, Valentino, Dior, Patou and Cardin as well as an influence on esthetic movements like New Wave cinema. The Maison accomplished this by promoting a modern look, gorgeous hairstyling, beautiful hairpieces and refined make-up.
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