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We create the inclusive beauty that moves the world

Creating a world of Beauty through fairness and inclusivity

At L’Oréal Groupe our mission is to create the beauty that moves the world. For over a century, l’Oréal Groupe have been dedicated to one sole vocation: creating beauty. Our goal is to offer each and every person around the world the best of beauty and to fulfil the unique beauty needs and aspirations of all consumers.

We care for our communities.

Through our inclusive sourcing program, Solidarity Sourcing, we have worked with partners and suppliers to help vulnerable people including women, single mothers and people with disabilities gain access to long-term employment.

Thanks to our large number of purchasing activities and its many entities all over the world, we contribute to 401 local inclusive projects, supporting the employment of 85,544 people in 70 countries.

Like the Group, our brands use their influential capacity to raise awareness and encourage action. Choosing their own particular causes, they conduct awareness campaigns and are involved with programs that aim to support vulnerable communities or help safeguard our planet. Their commitment is all the stronger for being a reflection of the brands’ DNA, history and values.



gained access to work through the Solidarity Sourcing program. 


beneficiaries from projects linked to female empowerment.. 

We stand for women all around the world

We are dedicated to create a more inclusive world and to empower women and girls. With our various philanthropic initiatives, we contribute to fight poverty, prevent violence, support victims and give access to education, training and entrepreneurship, and working in partnership with women to build a more inclusive world.

We want tomorrow’s world to be fair, diverse, and inclusive. And we want women to be part of shaping it. We have a proud history of empowering women and working with them to build the world of tomorrow. 

We express this commitment through a series of actions, such as a charitable endowment fund and activities from our brands, which use their influence to raise awareness among partners, clients, and consumers to advance the cause of women.



 millions of women empowered in 2022.


 Women in leadership positions

We act to build a business with inclusivity at its heart 

At L'Oréal Groupe, we have a long term commitment to equal opportunities on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. With teams around the world made up of 168 nationalities, we take into account all skin and hair types, all genders, all identities, all cultures, all ages.Together, our diversity makes us stronger.

We continue to celebrate and advance diversity, equity and inclusion through our brands, which support purposeful programmes within their local communities and with their partners.

Our aim is to be the most inclusive beauty leader. We strive to be as diverse as the people we serve and aim to build a business with inclusivity at its heart. 



 of our brands are committed to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 


 nationalities are represented on our teams 

We  believe in the power of the youth.

We commit to offering 25,000 professional opportunities worldwide to people under 30 in 2023. Our L'Oréal for Youth program provides young people with various opportunities for their first professional steps and concrete actions to boost their employability.

Discover our L'Oréal For Youth Program

We aim to be the company for all generations.

With 15% of our employees worldwide who are over 50 years old, the L'Oréal For All Generations Program places intergenerational relations at the centre of its objectives and aims to enable all employees to achieve professional fulfilment, from their first day in the Group until they retire.

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