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Our social and inclusive purchasing program

Our ‘Solidarity Sourcing’ program, which started in 2010, directs a proportion of our Global purchases to suppliers who employ people from vulnerable communities to allow them to have a durable access to work and income.
So far, we’ve been leading 379 local inclusive projects helping 81,138 people gaining access to work.

Discover Solidarity Sourcing In Action

Thanks to our large number of purchasing activities and its many entities all over the world, we contribute to 379 local inclusive projects, supporting the employment of 81,138 people in 57 countries. Discover some of our projects.

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We are working to build a more sustainable and inclusive world


For many years now, L’Oréal’s ambition has been to associate economic performance with a positive societal and environmental impact. One of the levers in achieving this ambition is the Solidarity Sourcing program, L’Oréal’s social and inclusive purchasing program, launched in 2010. The program aims to open the Group’s calls for tenders to companies that employ people from vulnerable communities to allow them to have a durable access to work and income. 

Also, the program is aimed at companies that traditionally do not have access to large calls for tenders of multinational companies.

The program has been recognized by public institutions and NGOs e.g. United Nations and has been identified as the best practice for inclusive sourcing program by B4IG*.
Solidarity Sourcing Program is promoting, celebrating, valorizing difference and uniqueness of each person. It thus stimulates value creation by empowering people, embracing the infinite diversity of ideas, encouraging the ability to innovate, people engagement, retention and loyalty, reputation, and overall business performance. It hence turns social inclusion commitment into a competitive advantage.

*B4IG (Business for Inclusive Growth) is a global CEO-led coalition of companies fighting against inequality in terms of income, opportunity and geography, powered by the OECD



The program specifically targets :

Gender equity SOLSO

Gender equity and the economic empowerment of women

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People with disabilities

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Disadvantaged socio-economic communities

Age and intergenerational

Ready to join the Solidarity Sourcing Program?

The Solidarity Sourcing Program covers all purchasing categories in all geographic zones. If you're interested into joining, you can find here more detail about the projects and the eligibility criteria.

About Solidarity Sourcing

Solidarity Sourcing Program

Solidarity Sourcing Program
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