‘Plants Unlike Any Other’ in China

An award-winning program designed to help women in rural China have the possibility of providing for their needs whilst staying in their hometown with their families.

Preserving Family Life for Workers

Our award-winning ‘Plants Unlike Any Others’ project is a long-term collaborative effort between L’Oréal and its suppliers to relocate employment opportunities for female workers based in rural China so that they can find work and remain close to their families.

L’Oréal has chosen to dedicate the production of a substantial portion of its promotion items to plants located in China in remote, underprivileged provinces, which are amongst the most affected by economic migration and ‘left behind children’.

In 2022, thanks to L'Oréal's purchasing, 842 people were enabled to work full-time, in their region of origin, with a decent salary – helping the fight against work migration. Two-thirds of these employees are women, most of them mothers with young families. Thanks to this project, they have the possibility to provide for their needs, and yet be able to stay in their hometown with their families.

Enlarging Ethical Purchasing

This project was carried out through the company’s solidarity sourcing program. Launched in 2010, and now boasting 379 initiatives, the program consists of making a portion of our purchases with businesses that share our values and commitments. Most notably, they share our ambitions to improve working conditions and to be inclusive toward vulnerable individuals, part of our overall strategy for responsible growth. Whether it’s choosing suppliers or accompanying them through this process, L'Oréal hopes “to use the company’s purchasing power as a lever for developmental and social progress,” explains Axelle Hallu, Solidarity Sourcing Director.

In 2019, this project was awarded the GEEIS- SDG Prize (Gender Equality European & Inter- national Standard, Sustainable Development Goals), at a ceremony held under the patronage of the French permanent delegation to the UN. This is a major recognition of the Group’s commitments to promote gender equality.

Key brands contributing to the project: Yves Saint Laurent, Lancôme, Vichy

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