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At L'Oréal, sustainable growth and the social model are inseparable. Since 2013, we've rolled out  a set of priorities for health, social protection, work-life balance and workplace well being across the globe. This policy enables all our teams to enjoy the same protections and the best social practices around the world.

We have already introduced a minimum maternity leave of 14 weeks, payments in the case of death or permanent disability, flexible working and improved working conditions.

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Focus On Promoting People

Hear from people working with us, and our partners. Understand the synergy between enjoyment and engagement.

Our employee share ownership plan

In 2018, L'Oréal launched its first Employee Share Ownership Plan in over 50 countries. The plan enables all employees to support L'Oreal's development, be involved in our strategic projects and share in our success. 

Inclusion as a strength

We believe in a world where all people have a voice and all people can contribute. We believe that a policy of diversity and inclusion opens the door for people of different cultures, life experiences and backgrounds to learn from one another and work together for better communities and better companies.

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