L'Oréal is recognized by CDP as a Leader in the "Supplier Engagement" Category

In December 2020, for the 5th consecutive year, L'Oréal was awarded an 'A' for each of the three themes evaluated by CDP: the tackle of climate change, deforestation and water security.

On February, 9th 2021, we received a new recognition from the CDP for our commitment to our suppliers for the third consecutive year: the international organization awarded L'Oréal an "A" in the "Supplier Engagement" category, in recognition of the actions taken by the Group in 2020 to encourage the players in its supply chain to reduce their environmental impact.

This supply chain commitment, and also all our partnerships, is essential to build truly sustainable models. In the context of the COVID19, we are proud to again join the CDP's 2020 Supplier Engagement Ranking. By working with our suppliers to reduce their emissions, we are sparking a cascade of climate action across the supply chain.

Towards a more sustainable economy

L’Oréal for the Future, our sustainability commitments for 2030

With L'Oréal for the Future program, we are redoubling our efforts. In this new decade, we want to go further and faster with our suppliers and all the players in our value chain. Our ambition is to transform L’Oréal business to respect the planet's limits.


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