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Innovating Through Science

Our R&I model: scientifically and responsibly invented

Science, the driver of innovation in cosmetics

For over a century, we have built our development on a conviction: only strong research can create cosmetic products that are capable of generating real results. Our Research & Innovation model, unique in the cosmetics industry, is organized around three major entities:

  • Advanced Research, tasked with continuously enriching scientific knowledge about skin and hair around the world, and discovering new active ingredients.
  • Applied Research, which develops formulation systems, which are then played out in the different families of products.
  • Development, which provides the brands with innovative formulas adapted to their identity and to consumer expectations around the world.

Assets for innovation

To stay ahead of the game and make major cosmetic innovations available to everyone, we rely on three major assets:

  • A unique collection of proprietary active ingredients, which Advanced Research enriches each year with new elements, molecules, or ingredients...
  • Expertise in formulation, this decisive phase that makes it possible to transition from the molecule to the finished product. Every year, thousands of formulas are developed by the teams at L'Oréal.
  • One final asset is our expertise in evaluation, indispensable for bringing new products to the market by demonstrating their safety and effectiveness scientifically and rigorously.

The pillars of responsible innovation

We have founded our innovation strategy on a platform of fundamental values, shared by all our teams around the world:
An absolute priority: product safety
Environmental respect
Science and ethics advance together
Towards fairer procurement
The pillars of responsible innovation


The Pillars Of Responsible Innovation

The Pillars Of Responsible Innovation
The Pillars of Responsible Innovation

Be Inspired Pushing the Boundaries

Thanks to our unique collection of proprietary active ingredients, L’Oréal’s Research & Innovation teams develop cutting-edge innovations in the formulation process. Our priority is ensuring the quality and sustainability of our ingredients in order to preserve global biodiversity and guarantee our customers’ safety.

Science, Nature & Technology – The perfect match for reinventing beauty

At L’Oréal, we have always drawn inspiration from nature. Understanding nature’s mechanisms enables us to develop more environmentally friendly production processes. We create formulas based on natural ingredients or of natural origin, respectful of the environment. To meet these challenges, we have elaborated a recognized expertise based on a pact between science and nature, Green Sciences.

Green Sciences allow us to innovate permanently, and at every stage of a product’s life cycle:

  • Production of natural raw materials through innovative techniques (permaculture, agroforestry, biodynamics).
  • Production of effective natural ingredients or of natural origin using biotechnology (plant cell culture, bacterial fermentation, enzyme catalysis), environmentally friendly transformation, extraction or fermentation processes, and green chemistry.
  • Green formulation by combining ingredients to produce formulas which deliver a unique technical performance and sensory experience in the eyes of our consumers. The use of natural ingredients and ingredients of natural origin, produced by green cultivation and green transformation, is fundamental to green formulation.

Technology is another limitless source of inspiration and has deeply changed the way we interact with beauty and cosmetics. This is why, at L’Oréal, we fully embrace innovations that push the boundaries of science and reinvent beauty and cosmetic rituals. With the help of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and data processing, we can now tailor beauty experiences to every one of our customer’s needs, offering a wide range of creative solutions. Thanks to these advances, ideas are becoming a reality and we’re proud to be such a leading voice in this beauty revolution.