Innovating Through Science

Our R&I model: scientifically and responsibly invented

"L'Oréal was born from science, from a vision, created from the idea of a chemist. Since then, science has remained at the heart of our model. And it is without a doubt, the performance, safety and superior quality of our products that have been the foundation of our success for over 110 years. Our 4,000 researchers around the world have a single obsession: to innovate and offer our consumers, through our Brands, the best of science and create unequalled beauty experiences that meet the infinite diversity of their needs and aspirations." 


Deputy CEO, in charge of Research, Innovation and Technology


researchers across the world




scientific and technical expertise


patents registered in 2022


research centers in 6 regional hubs [USA, Brazil, South Africa, India, China, Japan]


billion euros of investment 

When science is inspired by nature

The Green Sciences have opened up a new and an exceptional field of innovation over 15 years ago, which today enables L'Oréal to sustainably transform its portfolio of raw materials, actives and formulas. Nature and the living world are a major source of scientific discoveries and infinite inspiration to create the beauty that moves the world.

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L'Oréal creates a beauty respectful of the planet, throughout its entire cycle: from the sustainable sourcing of raw materials to the composition of our formulas, with total respect for biodiversity, aquatic environments and their biodegradability, and with ambitious objectives for 2030:


of the ingredients in our formulas will be biobased, derived from abundant minerals or circular processes.


of our formulas will be eco-designed


of our formulas will respect the diversity of aquatic ecosystems

A L'Oréal Research & Innovation explora as novas fronteiras da descoberta científica para inventar novas performances aumentadas e inigualáveis.

Discover Pro-Xylane, a patented molecule developed by L'Oréal Research & Innovation, created through biomimicry. This green chemistry active ingredient is derived from beech and birch trees.

Science & technology for new beauty experiences

With the acceleration of new technologies, L'Oréal is increasing its capacity for innovation to create and develop ever more personalized and inclusive products, services and beauty experiences. 

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L'Oréal Research & Innovation's “Augmented Beauty Métier” enables it to amplify the power of its century old heritage in skin, hair and biomarker data through algorithms and artificial intelligence. It seeks to meet and anticipate consumer expectations by offering disruptive innovations that bring to life new holistic experiences and ever more personalization with services and applications.

Discover Lancôme's "New Absolue Cellular Youth Therapy Led", a technology with immediate, visible and lasting results.

L'Oréal has entered into several strategic partnerships to combine its data with scientific "Tech" specialists and wants to strengthen its knowledge and understand the impact on beauty of hormonal activity, sleep and environmental conditions, particularly pollution.


Decipher the mechanisms of hair and skin aging

At the beginning of 2022, L'Oréal and Verily, an Alphabet subsidiary specializing in healthcare precision, signed an unprecedented partnership. The aim is to decipher the mechanisms of hair and skin aging and to support the strategy and product development of new precision technologies for beauty.

Discover the interview with Barbara LAVERNOS, Deputy CEO in charge of Research & Innovation, and Technology, and Guive BALOOCH, Head of Augmented Beauty Métier

Decoding the impact of hormonal cycles

L'Oréal announced a partnership with Clue, a menstrual cycle app, to enrich knowledge about the impact of hormonal cycles on skin health and quality. This collaboration combines L'Oréal's historical expertise in skin knowledge with Clue's leadership in menstrual cycle data through its 12 million subscribers in 190 countries. It will also be enriched by the participation of dermatologists, endocrinologists and gynecologists with whom the Group already collaborates. Thanks to the enrichment of this knowledge, all consumers will benefit from the best personalized skincare routines, from their first menstrual period to menopause, considering their skin health, as well as their aspirations for beauty and well-being.

An exposome platform

L'Oréal has partnered into a long-term research with BreezoMeter, leader in environmental information on air quality, pollen and fire. The objective is to improve the health and safety of billions of people around the world by providing accurate and actionable data (allergens, UV, pollution, etc.). The respective expertise of L'Oréal Research & Innovation in skin sciences and BreezoMeter in climatic environment will enable the development of an exposome platform around beauty. Consumers will be offered practical advice for their skin routines to fight against the effects of their environment on skin aging. 

Discover how technology-enhanced research can invent the beauty of the future

Meeting beauty aspirations their infinite diversity

The infinite diversity of consumers is an incredible territory of inspiration and innovation for L'Oréal researchers. Revealing and magnifying them in their singularities, skin and hair diversity, and beauty rituals allows us to define new formulation territories in an ever more personalized and inclusive approach.

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L'Oréal Research & Innovation has an international geographic footprint grasping the major societal and beauty trends around the world. Its unique knowledge base of skin and hair around the world that will increase exponentially thanks to technology.

Its ambition: to innovate and develop beauty products and solutions that meet the needs and aspirations of each and everyone.

Curl Manifesto

In the next few years, nearly 40% of humanity will have curly hair due to the mixing of populations. For years, women have been straightening their hair to fit a beauty archetype. Embracing their curls is now essential to express their personality.

Discover Curl Manifesto, the innovation from L'Oréal Laboratories.



Be Inspired Pushing the Boundaries

Thanks to our unique collection of proprietary active ingredients, L’Oréal’s Research & Innovation teams are developing cutting-edge innovations in the formulation process. Our priority is to ensure the quality and sustainability of our ingredients in order to preserve global biodiversity and guarantee our customers’ safety.