Innovating Through Industry

Anything – Anywhere – Anytime: Meet tomorrow’s L’Oréal today

Evolving faster to meet your expectations

Our eyes are on the future of Beauty. Through new ways of working, we are always innovating ever more quickly. 

We are creating tomorrow’s working environment today. With 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality, and more agile production lines, we have entered the world of Industry 4.0. Using technology for even greater insight into your preferences, our “smart factories” give us the agility needed to process dozens of different product formats in a very short amount of time.

We encourage our staff to “try, and try again”, and to take on novel projects in disruptive ways. They begin with a blank canvas and are open to working with new partners, including start-ups and tech suppliers, in order to respond ever faster to your needs...

Focus On Welcome to Industry 4.0

Find out how we are using technology to meet the challenges of being a global player that serves millions of customers.

For more than 100 years, our iconic brand has been at the forefront of technology and Beauty, developing game-changing formulas and innovative new products.
L’Oréal began as the brainchild of a chemist, so embracing the latest technology has always been a part of our company’s DNA. Today, that means using AI, a virtual reality and leading-edge cloud technologies to create customized and interactive purchasing experiences for our customers. The beauty industry has a digitally-driven future, so it’s crucial that we adopt technology that will establish L’Oréal as a leader in this space. To create the beauty that moves the world, we innovate together with our partners with tech at the core of our sustainable value chain.

Antoine Vanlaeys

Chief Operations Officer

Rethinking our ways of working also applies to our teams


Join our teams

We are evolving faster to meet your expectations – and those of our teams. As an employer, we encourage agility, creativity, and different ways of working. We even design our workspaces to help our people fulfill their potential. Our Make Your Technology 4.0 incubator provides the tools and technology to collaborate on future innovations, enhancing transparency, and improving decision-making. We want the best for our teams and our new ways of working put them first.

We’ve become the pioneers, the leaders and the champions of the new BeautyTech world, and we need talent with the widest range of skills and interests. Science, research, technology, AI / AR and voice ordering, marketing, production and design – all these skills and more are in demand as we revolutionize the world of Beauty.

Creating the Beauty of tomorrow is an adventure. Through technology and science, Beauty is becoming more innovative, more sustainable, more personalized, more natural and more effective.

Discover Our New Ways of Working

Working more and more collaboratively. Making increasing use of digital tech. Improving coordination, inventing new ways to communicate within our team and with you, developing new skills. We are committed to creating the future of work.