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Discover Technology Opens A New Era For Inventing The Future Of Beauty

Technology partners with Science and Research as we innovate for the future of Beauty. Technology empowers our employees with digital tools and workplaces to accelerate and propel them into the future.

The Future Of Beauty Invented Today 

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, boosted by Augmented Reality, technology turns ideas into breakthrough products and unsurpassed consumer experience on multiple channels. Technology partners with Beauty as we innovate for the future.
In the volatile world of Beauty, we leverage advanced analytics to anticipate trends and to find the next great beauty ideas.
Discover what’s Beauty Tech.

Beauty Tech is beauty augmented by technology

Digital & Technology are at the heart of our approach to Beauty, from research to production, from distribution to communicating with our consumers. For example, consumer demand is predicted through cutting-edge algorithms relying on multiple data insights, ModiFace technology powered by artificial intelligence provides the most realistic virtual try-on in our industry.

Technology has the power to create personalized experience and answers consumer needs: "What is the right color for me? What is the right skincare routine for me?"

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Beauty Tech is at your service


Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, distributed cloud services and an integrated network of connected devices (IOTs), we source data, we extract information and we generate insights to have a personal relationship with you as customers; it opens the door to fully personalized formulas, products and services.. We provide the perfect formulation for each, to fulfill all beauty needs and desires.

The best example of this today is Lancôme ShadeFinder, Makeup foundation recommendation tool answering the key question “What is the right foundation tone for me?” After a quick analysis at the point of sale, through the power of AI algorithms, Lancôme Shadefinder identifies the exact foundation that fits your skin tone. These insights also help us to identify where we should expand our range of foundations. This data helps us to develop new products fulfilling each beauty needs. Data privacy is, of course, embedded in every service we offer our consumers.

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Turning L’Oréal into a company of the future


Beauty Tech augments L’Oréal employees with sophisticated, connected and intelligent devices and tools, powered by data, to accelerate decision-making and generate insights. And because we care as much for our employees than for our consumers, we also invest significantly in the employee journey and experience and in our digital workplace. To accelerate this transformation, we are switching to Agile and Product-based approaches, investing in upskilling and re-skilling.

L’Oréal is inventing the beauty of the future by becoming the company of the future.

For L’Oréal employees, Beauty Tech translates into technology to increase their work abilities. The promise of Beauty Tech is to unleash capabilities for all, in a world where anyone, in any function or department, experiences the power of Tech in their daily work.

Thanks to data to help decision-making and insight generation, we leverage the best of Tech to enhance the way we work and serve our consumers, constantly adapting to the new world. Delivering Tech solutions in fast sprints through an agile approach is becoming our way of working. It helps to accelerate our Tech solutions releases and fosters cooperation inside the company.

This important transformation, which is shaking up working practices, marks a further step towards L’Oréal’s goal of becoming a true digital workplace and data-driven smart company.  

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Focus On Our Agile Ways of Working

Technology isn’t just a tool. It’s also a powerful lever for transforming the way we work. It brings together, it makes innovations converge. It increases the possibilities to offer a new vision of Beauty.

From hair to skincare to cosmetics products, from experiences to devices, we use the power of technology to create revolutionary solutions in the world of Beauty. Our Technology Incubator creates groundbreaking new Beauty technologies. Our Tech Accelerators combine Tech and Data Science to develop solutions to empower our employees (insight generation, data-driven decision making…). We collaborate with suppliers and invest in start-ups with one common goal: leveraging technology and data to provide anytime, anywhere world class products and services and to provide our employees with cutting-edge Tech solutions.  

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