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Introducing HAPTA the world’s first handheld computerized makeup applicator

Since 2009, Lancôme has been empowering women with the most personalized solutions powered by next-generation beauty tech. As part of its mission to use tech for good and make beauty accessible for all, Lancôme continues to set the pace of innovation with HAPTA.

Bringing the science of touch to women everywhere, HAPTA is designed for those with hand-motion disorders, arthritis, Huntington’s Disease, and following stroke-related motion challenges. 

This motion-stabilizing device harnesses the power of technology to assist those who have difficulty raising their arms due to limited mobility issues, and people with limited grip strength who struggle with precise application. It also helps anyone with limited wrist mobility who may find it difficult to get a comfortable angle when applying lipstick or mascara, as well as those experiencing tremors and a lack of sensation in the hands. 

Unveiled for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada for the application of lipstick, HAPTA is enhanced with new features to also works for mascara application, two of the most common forms of self-expression through beauty.

As a Beauty Tech premiere, HAPTA makes the expression of beauty more accessible, more achievable, and easier than ever before.


How does it work ?

Plug your preferred lipstick or mascara shade into the device and it will automatically turn on.

Apply your makeup with ease and confidence. HAPTA will counteract unintentional movements to keep your product level.

Enjoy the flawless effect of your lipstick and mascara products, thanks to Hapta's precision makeup application.


What's Behind the Device ?

Hapta uses advanced sensors and motion-stabalizing technology to keep the device level, constantly adjusting to the user's position. It is also ergonomically designed, with an easy-grip handle specifically made for those with arm, hand and wrist-related mobility conditions.


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