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Aesop was established in Melbourne in 1987, and has since been formulating products with efficacy foremost in mind―their complex, distinctive aromas are but an incidental treat. The range now spans skin, hair and body care, as well as fragrance and accessories for the self and home. Some of the ingredients used are plant-based; others are laboratory-made; all are ethically sourced. What remains an essential ingredient in all aspects of the brand, however, is a unique balance of science and art, blended to nourish both the skin and psyche.

On the lab and    the library

In Aesop’s Melbourne laboratory, efforts are focused on the contents of the jar and rigorous scientific research, creating cruelty-free products that elevate everyday regimens. Away from these clinical surrounds, Aesop looks to the arts for inspiration—from creative partnerships to the support of literary initiatives and specially devised musical collaborations. It is this balance of poetry and pragmatism that gives Aesop its inimitable character.

On stores and streetscapes 

Every Aesop store is designed as an expression of its community and surrounds, envisioned by an in-house store design team―sometimes collaborating with external designers and architects. Within these environments, consultants provide personalised recommendations with warmth, integrity and generosity: every gesture is thoughtfully composed to create an environment of tranquility and curiosity.;

On community and sustainability

As a Certified B Corporation™, Aesop meets high standards of social and environmental impact, transparency and accountability―balancing purpose and profit to a greater end. While recognising that more can always be done, Aesop is committed to setting meaningful goals in sustainability and driving the conversation forward.

· The brand has never conducted nor commissioned animal testing, nor does it use animal-derived ingredients in its formulations.

· Aesop has been certified carbon-neutral since 2020.

· 100% of packaging will be recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.

· Philanthropic causes are supported both proactively and reactively through the Aesop Foundation. Discover more about sustainability at Aesop.

‘We were founded on conversation. We were founded on the exchange of words and ideas.’

Suzanne Santos
Aesop Co-founder