Accessibility Assessment

Accessibility assessment

L’Oréal commits to making its web sites, intranet and extranet accessible in compliance with article 47 of the French law n°2005-102 of February 11th 2005.
This accessibility assessment applies to

1.1. Compliance state
Le site L’Oréal is in partial conformance with the French general accessibility enhancement framework (RGAA), version 4.0. du to the the following noncompliances.

1.2. Test results
Based on an evaluation done by Atalan, the L’Oréal website meets 74% of RGAA criteria.

1.3. Noncompliances
List of noncompliant criteria :

1.2. Does each decoration image is correctly ignored by assistive technologies?
1.3. For each image conveying information with a text alternative, is this alternative relevant?
4.1. Does each prerecorded time-based media have a text transcript or an audio description if necessary?
4.11. Can each time-based media be, if necessary, controlled either through a keyboard or a mouse?
4.13. Is each time-based media and each non time-based media compatible with assistive technologies?
6.1. Is each link explicit?
6.2. On each Web page, does each link, with the exception of anchors, have a title?
7.1. Does each script support assistive technologies, if necessary?
7.3. Can each script be controlled through a keyboard and any pointing device (except in particular cases)?
7.4. For each script that initiates a change of context, is the user warned, or can he control it?
8.2. For each Web page, is the generated source code valid according to the specified document type (except in particular cases)?
8.9. On each Web page, tags must not be used only for layout purposes. Has this rule been followed?
10.8. For each web page, are hidden contents intended to be ignored by assistive technologies?
10.13. On each web page, are additional contents appearing when focusing or hovering over an interface component controllable by the user (except in special cases)?
11.1. Does each form field have a label?

1.4. Review process
The audit leading to the declaration was conduct on the 05/06/2020.

1.4.1. Technologies used on L’Oré

1.4.2. Testing environment
The review was conducted using the tool and assistive technologies combination provided by the RGAA framework, using the following versions :
NVDA 2020.1 / Firefox 77.0.1
Jaws 2019 / Firefox 77.0.1
Voice Over on iOS 12.4.4

1.4.3. Tools used to evaluate
Contrast color analyser
Outil de développement Firefox
Axe Developer Tools (extension Firefox)
Web Developer pour Firefox

1.4.4. Pages sample included in the review

Homepage :
Commitments page :
About L’Oréal:
Brand : Lancôme :
L’Oréal Luxe:
Error page (404) 
Governance page :
History page:
L’Oréal USA :
Search page:

1.5. Contact
If you find yourself in a situation where cannot access a content or service due to a disability, you can contact the website’s team that will guide you to or provide an accessible version

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