Decoding the Digital Transformation

Reinventing the future of Beauty

Focus On Digital, a new field, a new playground

As a digital first company, we put digital at the service of our consumers but also of our teams to meet today's challenges, arouse interest in a world of hyper-connectivity and build relationships based on trust.

A 'Digital First' Company

The digital transformation is a genuine revolution, and is completely changing our ways of living, consuming, communicating and working. A revolution that’s happened in the space of just a few years, and that has made us adapt and change ever more quickly to meet your expectations and your needs.

For L’Oréal, the digital transformation is a unique opportunity to create new relationships, based on innovation, relevance, transparency and trust – not only with you, as consumers, but also with our partners and employees. 

In recent years, we have become a ‘Digital First’ company. We are now entering a second phase of the digital revolution, one that offers new ways of building a special relationship with our consumers and developing new products and services. However, this new phase also creates new challenges and new demands, like the need to go even further in providing data protection and promoting the ethical use of algorithms. Equally, we need to earn the trust of our consumers and our partners, while also taking into consideration and respecting a growing desire among some people to be disconnected. 

Beyond E-Commerce

We have developed a set of e-commerce solutions. In the last few years, our websites have been transformed to create new experiences.

Today, this move to online purchasing is accelerating. To go even further in terms of availability, and to help you find our products on your favorite platforms, we have created partnerships with the major names in e-commerce, from America’s Amazon to China’s Alibaba. In some countries, like China, more than one in every two products is now sold online, a pattern that is increasingly being driven by social media networks. In fact, this is the future of beauty, known as ‘social commerce’.

Soon, you will be able to use your voice to order an ultra-personalized care offering from home. You can already use virtual technology to try all our products, thanks to augmented reality, and you can also find the products used by your favorite influencer.

Reinventing the Beauty Experience

Reinventing the Beauty Experience
Find out how L'Oréal innovations are revolutionizing your Beauty Experiences

Transparency and Trust

In an era of social media, hyper-connectivity, Big Data and apps for analyzing the composition of products, we believe that transparency is the key to building a trusting relationship with you, and all our other stakeholders. We have an immense responsibility to create a more trustworthy digital economy more transparent, more inclusive and more ethical.

We have therefore committed to making the following information available to everyone:

Speak up!

The explosive growth of social networks, from YouTube to Weibo, and TikTok to Instagram, have accelerated the opening up of the world of beauty, enabling everyone to express their views and to share their advice. Our digital transformation is also designed to give you the chance to speak your mind.

We are working with brand ambassadors and influencers who, like you and like us, celebrate beauty in all its diversity, and for whom beauty is a passion. These people share our spirit of dialogue, transparency and honesty.

Learn more

Thanks to your comments and opinions, we are engaging in dialogue online and in our stores, and want to find out more about your needs, expectations and questions.

Join the movement!

Our digital transformation is reflected in ever greater opportunities for people with technical and digital jobs and skills: digital marketers, social brand managers, data scientists, VR and AI specialists, etc.

We have recruited more than 2,500 digital experts in recent years, and we have trained several thousand employees in the use of digital tech. It’s just the start… and you can join this transformation.

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