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L’Oréal’s Board of Directors meeting on December 7, 2021 unanimously approved a strategic transaction consisting of the repurchase by L’Oréal, as part of its share buyback program, of 22.26 million of its own shares - representing 4.0% of its capital - from Nestlé. The Board members related to Nestlé and to the Bettencourt Meyers family did not participate in the votes.

Strategic transaction approved by L’Oréal’s Board of Directors. Agreement between L’Oréal and Nestlé for the repurchase by L’Oréal of 4% of its own shares held by Nestlé.

Strategic transaction approved by L’Oréal’s Board of Directors. Agreement between L’Oréal and Nestlé for the repurchase by L’Oréal of 4% of its own shares held by Nestlé.
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L'Oréal is recognized with outstanding triple ‘a’ score for the sixth consecutive year for environmental leadership in tackling climate change, ensuring water security and protecting forests

For the 6th year in a row, L’Oréal is recognized for leadership in corporate sustainability by global environmental non-profit CDP, securing a place on its prestigious ‘A List’ for tackling climate change as well as acting to protect water security and forests – all three environmental themes covered by CDP.
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L’Oréal announces a new strategic partnership with israeli climate tech company Breezometer to uncover insights around exposome and skin

L’Oréal announces today a new multi-year research and tech partnership with one of the world’s most innovative and accurate climate tech companies, BreezoMeter. Based in Israel, BreezoMeter is a leader in the space of environmental information about air quality, pollen and fires. Its main goal is to improve the health and safety of billions of people worldwide by providing accurate and actionable environmental data and insights.
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L’Oréal Water Saver named in TIME 100 best inventions of 2021

L’Oréal Water Saver has been named a top innovation of 2021 according to TIME. Developed in partnership with environmental innovation company Gjosa, the L’Oréal Water Saver is a unique showerhead that can reduce water consumption by as much as 65%. Equipping 100,000 salons with this technology can save up to 6.8 billion liters of water.
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L’Oréal group chairman Jean-Paul Agon receives ADL’s courage against hate award

In recognition of L’Oréal’s long-standing commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, respecting human rights and confronting antisemitism in society, ADL honors Jean-Paul Agon, Chairman of the L’Oréal Group, with its prestigious Courage Against Hate Award in the “Never Is Now Summit” where he delivered a key note address.
L'Oréal Group

L'Oréal receives HRH the Prince of Wales’ terra carta seal in recognition of the company’s commitment to creating a sustainable future

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales has today, through his Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI), launched the Terra Carta Seal which recognises private sector companies who are leading their peers in creating genuinely sustainable markets. L’Oréal is one of 45 companies that have been awarded the Terra Carta Seal.
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L’Oréal and Symatese strengthen their strategic research partnership on biomaterials

L’Oréal and Symatese have announced the signing of new long-term research and development agreements in the field of biomaterials, to strengthen and broaden their existing strategic partnership. Together, the companies aspire to combine their respective expertise to explore new scientific perspectives in the field of biomaterials designed for the physiology of human tissues including skin, notably for regeneration purposes.
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wins the “parité du top 100” special award for the feminization of governing bodies awarded by france’s ministry for gender equality

The French Ministry for Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Opportunities presented the 8th edition of the Awards for the Feminization of the Governing Bodies of SBF120 companies. L’Oréal won the “Parité du Top 100” Special Award for the Feminization of Governing Bodies.
L'Oréal Group

L’Oréal strengthens transparency content and launches the most expansive voluntary fragrance disclosure model

Responding to consumer desire for greater ingredient disclosure to make more informed purchasing decisions, the L’Oréal Groupe announced the latest of its industry-advancing transparency initiatives. The company’s new global model for fragrance ingredients disclosure will progressively provide an unprecedented level of information to consumers in an understandable and accessible way across its entire portfolio of brands and products
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