Fearless, unconventional, singular together.


Mugler’s creative vision has always reflected its unique view of the world, one that subverts codes, turns convention on its head and inspires everyone to become who they really want to be. Fashion and fragrances are creations that defy both categorization and time, representing a fusion of opposites. Acting as an experimental laboratory, the brand cultivates an avant-garde approach that destabilizes, inspires and accomplishes, satisfying the need for the extraordinary with the surprise of the disproportionate.
For Mugler, the real world just isn’t enough. Life is a show.

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Fragrance & Fashion

Sensual and creative, from Angel to Alien, Mugler fragrances are out-sized, heavily biased and insolently audacious. Hyper characterized, hyper sensual and hyper inventive, they combine alchemy, harmony and overdose.

Under Casey Cadwallader, its Creative Director, Mugler fashion stands out from the crowd with its instantly recognizable shape and irresistible power. Positioned between neo-couture and sportswear 3.0, Mugler fashion means a head held high, oversized shoulders and a tight waist, sublimating every kind of woman, every body shape and every age. Including the world’s most famous pop stars.

Mugler. Where the limit limit!

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With Mugler, the real world just isn't enough

Mugler is a brand with no boundaries, that refuses compromise and consensus. A fashion and fragrances brand from today, built on a bold & unconventional legacy, that helps us reinvent ourselves constantly.

We want Mugler fragrances to be the disruptive voice of the selective industry: with surprising & unique juices, bold and singular bottles, strong and supercharged communication campaigns.

We believe in a Luxury with a positive impact.

Since Day one, we believed/thought that economic success also goes with a positive contribution to society and its ability to respond to the main environmental issues.

Because our fragrance bottles are iconic, and created as piece of arts, they are forever refillable at the Fountain, a unique service in Perfumery, or at home with our refill bottles.

We celebrate individuality and diversity, creating a vibrant community that people want to be part of. With Mugler you can become the supercharged version of yourself.

We are passionate and we believe that joy, energy, and audacity will change the world.

Danièle Lahana-Aidenbaum

Global Brand President MUGLER Fashion & Fragrances

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Responsible Luxury

Mugler has always created fragrances with a different, more responsible idea of luxury. Starting in 1992 with Angel, its first fragrance for women, the brand was a true pioneer, upsetting the obsolescent codes with its lifetime bottles that could be refilled at the Mugler Fountain or topped up with separate refill bottles. Today, a bottle is refilled every twenty-five seconds around the world.

This same approach and ethical belief is also taken for the choice of ingredients, ensuring the safeguarding and preservation of ecosystems, the resilience of the supply chain and fair remuneration for producers.

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“Femininity means everything now. It’s a spectrum in which women choose the way they present to express what they are here to do on the planet”

Casey Cadwallader

Creative Director, Mugler Fashion

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