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Takami was first established in 1999 as a medical aesthetics beauty clinic in Omotesando-Tokyo, by board-dermatologist Doctor H. Takami.
Over the years, the brand has cultivated a close relationship with its customers with the ambition to become a lifelong skin partner.
Educating women about appropriate skincare is the cornerstone of our mission, fueled by the experience of treatments at the clinic created for Asian skin.
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Key Highlights of Takami


No.1 Skincare product in Japan*



Years of dermatology clinic origin





10 M

Bottles sold and counting***


*TAKAMI SKINPEEL ranks No.1 skincare product in JP BR in Value for EC channel FY21 and 2022 S1.
**Skinpeel individually, as of December 2022.
***2010-2022 YTD, Skinpeel 30ml / 60ml counted as 2 / not including Trials & Samples/ Owned BTQ, Rakuten, AtCosme, Overseas.
Alexandra Reni Catherine
Clinical grounded, mindful to customer. This is TAKAMI.

Acquired in 2021 to join L'Oréal Luxe, Takami is the first-ever Japanese clinic-native skincare brand of our portfolio.

Clinic-born, Tokyo-made, Takami is a mission-driven company united around 3 core values :

Clinic-born: We trust what we can touch - the skin of our 410,000 patients. We are Keratin Dermatology pioneers and serve Asian skin.

Minimal: the roots of our Skinpeel essence - We obsess over only the essentials : shorter regimens, more essential ingredients, softer gestures.

Loyal: the everyday obsession of our teams - like a doctor-on-call, we believe in the power of beauty habits, persistent coaching, and lifelong relationships.

Clinic-grounded, understated in its values, mindful to customers, Takami is designed for function and lifetime relationship. As the founder used to say, “We are the cosmetics that you want to keep for long”.

Alexandra​ Reni-Catherine

TAKAMI Global Brand President​

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Takami takes a stand on Essential formulation,

limiting the number of ingredients to functional actives, selecting preservative-free, alcohol-free, oil-free and biologically-active ingredients.

Takami takes a stand on Education for all,

and engages on a consistent basis over years with high quality educational content, building exclusive live video lessons to teach practical skincare skill set. Our priority is always to deliver value in the voice of professionals rather than self-promote.

Takami takes a stand on building Service-centric teams

more than a product-driven organization: like a “Doctor on call”, we wish to exist on multiple touchpoints as a lifelong professional beauty coach – available at any time for 1:1 tutoring in our personalized 365 days a year, 7/7 call-center.


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“I want to pursue the art of aesthetic dermatology as a craftsman.”


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Hiroshi Takami, M.D.

Member of the Japanese Dermatological Association

Certified Dermatologist of Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medecine

Master of Galderma S.A. (Q-Med)

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