Open Innovation

Creating the future through technology and partnership

Fueling Innovation & Sharing Expertise

“Savoir saisir ce qui commence” - seize new opportunities - is a fundamental part of our culture. We embrace and nurture innovation. We’re major investors in facilities and programs designed to attract and develop tomorrow’s beauty talent. Whether it’s running competitions for students to solve an industry challenge, partnering with incubators or co-creating with innovative startups and tech partners, we lead innovation.



L'Oréal: one of the top 100 companies committed to Open Innovation

Receiving a Corporate Startup Stars Award

Run by the open innovation advisory firm Mind the Bridge and the International Chamber of Commerce, this award recognizes our active and collaborative approach with startups.

As the Beauty Tech champion, we partner in a co-creation mode with cutting-edge startups and suppliers, through our BOLD Corporate Venture fund for example. Before entering partnerships, we establish the strategic areas that complement or accelerate our internal capabilities, from Green Sciences to Tech Solutions. 

Together, we fertilize L'Oréal's century-old expertise and data to push scientific and tech boundaries, pioneering superior beauty experiences.  


Collaboration and partnerships are the key to innovating better, faster and to offer the best beauty experiences and services to our customers. It’s together that we shape the Future of Beauty, in a win-win partnership.

Asmita Dubey
Chief Digital & Marketing Officer
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L'Oréal Beauty Tech Atelier

Startup Accelerator
We want to spot, partner and support beauty and tech startups that can transform the way we interact with you. Our Open Innovation teams are on a constant lookout and quest for the next beauty tech startups and technologies, drawing on our partnerships with incubators, accelerators, investment funds, including Incubateur HEC Paris and Station F.

We share our expertise in Digital, Marketing, Consumer & Market knowledge or again Product development and R&I while learning about new technology and agility. In doing so, we establish lasting connections.

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We share your vision of beauty

We celebrate beauty in all its diversity, and we collaborate with people of all genders, backgrounds, skin types and walks of life. We aim at building long-term and solid relationships with the talent and influencers we work with based on transparency and mutual trust.

Discover We Believe in Partnership

Collaboration and partnerships are the key to innovating better and faster.

Through our Open Innovation Program and partnerships with early stage companies focused on digital beauty services we co-create the future of Beauty.

While these new players benefit from our operational support and expertise, our customers benefit from the great ideas put right into their hands.

Discover Experiencing Digital and Tech Events

Imagination – innovation – communication. We want to travel together with everyone who is interested in a journey towards creative excellence, empowering talent and delivering an enhanced, personalized beauty experience. Meet us at our world-class events to share ideas and discuss opportunities.

Science and Technologies
L Oreal partners with STATION F