L’Oréal Creates The First Bachelor’s Degree in “Entrepreneurial Hairdressing”

L’Oréal has opened a school dedicated to hairdressing in the beginning of 2020, offering the first bachelor’s degree in “entrepreneurial hairdressing.” It’s an action that speaks to our longstanding commitment to transforming in the world of hairdressing.

With the opening of this new campus, our goal is “to give the young hairdressing talents of tomorrow all the tools necessary to innovate and re-imagine the customer journey, preparing them to meet new customer expectations for unique experiences,” says Nathalie Roos, president of the company’s professional products division. Beyond teaching the skills of the trade, this project puts in place an entirely new form of education that amplifies and diversifies professional skills by emphasizing both the client’s journey and digital tools.

For Konstantinos Moustakas, L'Oréal’s International Formation Project Manager, “this curriculum has the singularity of offering a very practical training, opening paths to every possible trade in hairdressing by developing skills in every sector: salon work, backstage work, editorial work…” Konstantinos himself comes from the hairdressing world, and accompanied the curriculum’s creation with his expertise. “We wanted to design the ideal school: modern and interactive, with inspiring professors from impressive backgrounds, and a well-recognized diploma,” he explains.

Developing Cross-disciplinary Skills in Entrepreneurship and Digital Technology

Located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, the establishment has opened its doors to 150 students at the beginning of the 2020 academic year. The students are integrated into a 3-year training program culminating in a bachelor’s of “entrepreneurial hairdressing” that will correspond to the French bachelor’s diploma BAC +3.

With over 10,000 vacant jobs in the sector, hairdressing currently has a dearth of qualified and motivated profiles,” Nathalie Roos points out. With the creation of our school and the first bachelor’s degree in ‘entrepreneurial hairdressing,’ we’re hoping to create a legacy of excellence that will attract younger generations with a well-rounded training that imparts not just technical mastery but cross-discipline skills in both business and digital technology.

Training 10,000 Hairdressers in 10 Years

This project comes from our desire to make the industry more attractive to young talents and to reinforce the employability of France’s second-largest artisan trade. Our goal is to train 10,000 hairdressers in ten years— all from different backgrounds. Open to a large number of students, the training will welcome people with both professional hairdressing certificates and more general educational and professional backgrounds, as well as professionals looking to change industries. For those who want to hone their technical skills, a one-month long class will be available before integrating into the full training.

It’s the school that I would love to sign up for if I were starting my studies today. I’m sure it will breathe new life into the profession,” concludes Konstantinos.

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