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Sophistication, Avant-Garde, Eccentricity.


Questioning beauty conventions, designing fresh and avant-garde ideas, reconciling creativity with innovation. Prada fragrances offer a complete range of olfactive possibilities to explore and express the multidimensions of one’s identity.

Founded in Milan in 1913, Prada is today one of modern fashions most powerful houses, steeped in culture and innovation and perpetually reinventing the classic in meaningful and modern ways – always with a touch of fantasy. Since stepping in to oversee the brand, Miuccia Prada’s unique creativity has been acclaimed for its cutting-edge approach to unconventional observations of society that allow her to anticipate – and often influence – fashion, style and beauty trends.

A brand of perpetual exploration and reinvention, Prada challenges perspectives and the status quo to serve as a precursor and pioneer, in fashion and beauty, with a perspective of uncompromised quality, radical elegance, intellectual purity and freedom of creative experimentation.

"I’m always researching new ideas on beauty and femininity, and the way it is perceived in contemporary culture."

Miuccia Prada

Prada Paradoxe

Prada Paradoxe

An immediately recognizable signature of a woman impossible to frame. Prada Paradoxe captures the essence of the undefinable and ever-evolving Prada woman, who is never the same, but always herself. Showcasing a timeless white flower bouquet reinvented into an avant-garde signature and encapsulated in an iconic yet unexpected triangular bottle, the fragrance embraces all the paradoxical dimensions of scent and self.

Prada Ocean Luna Rossa

Luna Rossa Ocean

In a fusion of boundary-pushing and artisanal perfumery prowess, Prada Luna Rossa Ocean embraces technology to expand humanity and an equilibrium of the avant-garde in the brand’s constant quest for experimentation and functional innovation. Raw yet elegant, the fresh vibrancy of this fougere, leathery fragrance lies where the power of man meets the power of innovation.

Prada Les Infusions

Les Infusions

Vivid, yet elusive. High craft and fleeting. Les Infusions de Prada are a subtle expression of experimentation and reinvention. The range of fusing and unfurling second-skin fragrances is realized in a palette of iconic ingredients, each exalted into its own new, multifaceted experience. Sharp and singular, in hues that speak directly to the ingredient they evoke, Les infusions de Prada transcend the notion of classic fragrance and offer a fresh indulgence in elegance tempered with eccentricity.

Beyond sensorially, beyond sensuality, Les Infusions de Prada are a personal act of hedonism.

Prada Candy


Intrinsically linked to Prada’s DNA of curiosity, avant-garde and eccentricity, Prada Candy is an invitation to open new possibilities to play and question convention. A call to rethink reality with fragrances that defy expectations and embrace pure creativity. In a shocking pink overdose of luxury, Prada Candy reveals a unique facet of Prada femininity. Overblown but always sophisticated, the scent is an addictive indulgence that is at once sensuous and refined.

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