Revealing one's distinctive elegance. In a simple, achievable way.


Each detail of Armani beauty’s world echoes Giorgio Armani’s unique vision of elegance. Believing that the ultimate elegance is to be yourself, the continuous aim is to bring products that reveal one’s beauty.

Fragrances, Makeup, Skincare

Fragrances interpret the world's finest ingredients through the creative imagination of the most talented perfumers, expressing uncompromised elegance. The mythical ACQUA DI GIÒ celebrates the special connection of man to nature, alongside ARMANI CODE, that dismantle the outdated archetypes of masculinity, enhancing values of expression and authentic connection. Aside the now iconic SÌ, MY WAY encapsulates a new vision of femininity that is both profound and free-spirited, and reflects Giorgio Armani's long-standing commitment to sustainability. With their exceptional craftsmanship, the ARMANI/PRIVÉ haute couture fragrances are an invitation to luxurious olfactory journeys.

The haute skincare collection is the embodiment of where cutting-edge science and exceptional textures come together.
The powerful Reviscentalis ingredient defines the CREMA NERA collection, and is infused into every product in the range.

Make-up is meticulously developed, and acclaimed by makeup artists worldwide for its avant-garde colors and breakthrough formulas. The Armani glow is a point of reference, creating a flawless, natural appearing complexion. Whether it’s through the highly acclaimed LUMINOUS SILK FOUNDATION, or the light-feel, yet long-wear POWER FABRIC FOUNDATION, the brand offers a “wardrobe for the face” to fit every mood and need. Born backstage, LIP MAESTRO’S award-winning formulation boasts a luminous, intensely matte finish with a soft, velvety feel. Coming in 40 vivid shades, shade 400 – the Armani red – is the legendary icon amongst them. LIP POWER is Giorgio Armani’s recently introduced longwear, vivid color lipstick that does not compromise on comfort.


Epitomizing the intimate connection between cinema and beauty are actors and brand's faces Cate Blanchett, Regé-Jean Page, Tessa Thompson, Nicholas Hoult, Adria Arjona and Alice Pagani. 

Armani beauty longstanding collaboration with the Venice International Film Festival of La Biennale di Venezia keeps enhancing the relationship the brand has with the world of filmmaking and comes as a celebration of Giorgio Armani’s life-long love of the cinema.

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Designed to last

From the use of carefully selected materials to the dialogue between the elements of nature and its timelessness, Giorgio Armani’s creations convey values of simplicity and durability.
Operating a responsible beauty business naturally reflects the Giorgio Armani’s original values, and translates in three crucial fields: products and materials durability, natural ingredients sourcing and commitment against water scarcity through its brand cause ACQUA FOR LIFE.

It Begins With Water

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Acqua for Life, Armani’s global water initiative focusing on universal access to drinking water in water-scarce regions, was born from a philosophy as simple as it is fundamental: that water is one of the most important elements to life, as it creates life and empowers lives. Yet 1 in 10 people globally do not have access to clean water close to their home.

The United Nations recognized access to water and sanitation as a human right in 2010. Since then, Acqua for Life, has helped over 450,000 people and has invested more than 12 million euros in water projects in 21 countries. By 2030 Armani’s Acqua for Life aims to be a source of clean water for 1 million people.

“Water is perhaps the element that I feel closest to. For me water represents life and regeneration, but also calmness and serenity. Access to clean water is undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges in the 21st century.” Giorgio Armani

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MY WAY by Giorgio Armani, Between Femininity and Responsibility

MY WAY by Giorgio Armani, Between Femininity and Responsibility