Giorgio Armani has unveiled MY WAY, a new perfume that underlines both the brand’s vision of femininity and its lasting commitment to the environment.

An open invitation to follow your own path


MY WAY, by its very name, already has the scent of independence.

Embodied by Adria Arjona, the fragrance expresses the ability to be yourself, to follow your own path and to create your own way of life. Her motto is: “I am what I live.” Every step of the way and every stage is helping to develop her personality as a woman.

In its design, Giorgio Armani created the perfume as a bouquet of white flowers that accompanies its muse on a journey.

That olfactory journey has been created with the finest and most beautiful ingredients from around the world. Behind the scenes, MY WAY is also an ambitious sustainability project. From the selection of ingredients, to the moment when the perfume appears on the shelves, it incorporates on a set of deep-rooted commitments.


An eco-designed perfume, from packaging design to product launch 


All our brands are developing new products with a view to reducing their environmental footprints.

From the design stage through to product launch, MY WAY and its eco-design approach are a clear reflection Giorgio Armani’s strategy in this area. Whether it’s the ingredients being chosen or the materials used for packaging, nothing is left to chance.


Encouraging sustainable sourcing

Armani Beauty has designed MY WAY with a clear focus on using responsibly-sourced natural ingredients, guaranteeing their sustainability through a series of programs that support underprivileged and economically fragile communities.

Produced in Madagascar, the vanilla used in the formulation of the new perfume is provided exclusively for Armani Beauty, thereby offering a guarantee of continuous quality control.

At the same time, a program being run in collaboration with local NGO Fanamby to promote social cohesion is giving priority to suppliers that hire employees from socially vulnerable communities. As a result, people who often find themselves excluded from the world of work can be given a job with a stable income. Farmers are also encouraged to diversify their revenue sources by growing other crops in parallel, such as coffee or rice, to enhance their ways of earning a livelihood. By encouraging such diversity, the program is also helping to promote entrepreneurship at the local level.

Meanwhile, the biodiversity of the region is being protected by a separate reforestation project that aims to restore 650 hectares of mangrove forest by the end of 2020, a project should benefit at least 30% of the smaller, local farmers. In addition, the fragrance is formulated from plant-based alcohol produced from French beetroot that is grown in environmentally-friendly conditions.

"More than ever, I’m convinced that we should all be focusing on the vital importance of environmental issues. We cannot ignore the fact that the future for generations to come will depend on the choices that we make today."

Giorgio Armani 

A bottle that’s designed to last

Underlining Giorgio Armani’s commitment to the environment, the MY WAY bottle has been designed to be reused and to last. The flacon has an innovative refill system that is simple and clean to use, as there is no funnel.
It means the original bottle can be refilled without losing a single drop of perfume or the risk of any spillage onto the hands. Between them, compared to using four 50ml flacons, one 50ml MY WAY bottle and its 150ml refill enable reductions of:  

- 55%

of glass

- 64%

of plastic

- 75%

of metal

- 32%

of cardboard

The glass in both the bottle and its refill are recyclable, as are all the elements of the vaporizer, which can be recycled separately. 

With its recyclable flacon and its use of recycled materials, MY WAY supports the move to a more circular economy and gives consumers the chance to make an informed choice in favor of the environment.

Aside from the product itself, Armani Beauty aims to reduce its environmental impact by firmly establishing sustainability in the design of the materials used at its points of sale and by its distributors. This includes the use of paper and cardboard that are certified as being sourced from sustainable forests (FSC/PEFC), along with the use of recycled materials and the reduction of energy consumption.


Making improvements by measuring impacts

Working in partnership with Quantis, a consultancy specializing in the life cycle analysis of goods and services, Armani Beauty has developed a methodology and a tool for measuring the carbon footprint of all the sales and marketing activities of the MY WAY product lifecycle. This includes the post-sale impact when the product is with the consumer.

Analysis is also carried out by the Sustainable Product Optimization Tool (SPOT) developed in 2013 to measure social and environmental impacts. Based on 14 key sustainability criteria, it covers the entire process from production to the end of the life cycle, including the purchase of raw materials and the product’s use by the consumer.

Together, these tools can monitor and assess the fragrance’s residual carbon footprint and identify the main areas where action could be taken to reduce the emissions of future creations. Such areas would cover packaging, ingredients, manufacturing and transportation, along with the creation of advertising campaigns, the design of stores and display materials for points of sale, gift boxes that accompany a purchase, and the training of beauty consultants.

Thanks to the programs launched in 2020 to preserve forests and their biodiversity, Armani Beauty has offset the 7,000 tons of residual carbon emissions created by MY WAY in its first year, and has committed to doing so in the years ahead.

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