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Biotherm, Racing for Something Bigger

Beyond the thrill of competition, Biotherm has put sustainability at the heart of their racing program through an innovative research project developed with their partner Tara Ocean Foundation. Embedded onto the Biotherm vessel is an Imaging FlowCytobot that automatically takes images of phytoplankton and other marine biodiversity every time that the vessel is in the water. This data will help researchers who are studying the impact of climate change on the ocean have a better idea of how phytoplankton in under-studied areas are faring.

Biotherm returns to offshore racing

Biotherm is launching back into the world of offshore racing through a collaboration with renowned skipper Paul Meilhat. Together, the blue beauty skin care brand and the French skipper have embarked on an ambitious ambitious mission: using sailing to increase awareness around the threats facing our ocean as a part of the brand’s 2030 sustainability commitments.
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Acqua for Life by Giorgio Armani

For more than 10 years, Giorgio Armani has been committed to working with the poorest communities to provide universal access to drinking water, particularly in arid zones
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L'Oréal Groupe : Maybelline New York Commits to Reducing its Impact on the Planet with its Sustainability Program “Conscious Together“

Building on a long-standing commitment to transform its process, innovation and mindset, Conscious Together is a four-part program designed to achieve an ambitious set of goals that Maybelline aims to achieve by 2030.
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L'Oréal Groupe: How to Launch a Beauty Product - The Story of Maybelline’s NY Sky High Impact Mascara

Discover about the objective, approach and the results of how to launch a successful beauty product by going through the success story of Maybelline NY's Sky High Impact Mascara.
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L'Oréal Group: The Kiehl’s Refillery Concept: Making A Difference One Bottle At A Time

Renowned for its forward-thinking and environmentally conscious skincare, the new ‘Future Made Better’ program is part of Kiehl’s mission to create a greener future and reduce our environmental footprint.
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L'Oréal Groupe: Hairstylists For The Future, L’Oréal’s Programme For Hair Professionals In Salons

L'Oréal’s Professional Products Division is launching Hairstylists for the Future. First unveiled at the Dubai World Expo 2020, this initiative revolutionizes the processes used to manufacture professional products as part of an environmental responsibility policy.
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Mugler: Fashion and Fragrance Creations Which Celebrate All Women

From the universe of imaginary, transformation, and metamorphosis of Manfred Thierry Mugler, founder of the brand, to the talented creative vision of Casey Cadwallader today, Mugler has always paid tribute to all women - of all ages, sizes, and colors. A limitless, disruptive, and inclusive world where the woman is always the subject and never the object. In fashion as in perfume.
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L'Oréal Group: Experience The World’s First Digital Perfume Sample With Viktor&Rolf

Spicebomb Infrared, the new fragrance from Viktor&Rolf, blends perfumery with the latest innovations in acoustic research.
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