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The Art & Science of Fragrance

A discovery journey in our world of fragrances

Discover the multiple facets of our unique fragrance savoir-faire in The Art & Science of Fragrance series

Between emotion and reason.
Between intuition and expertise.
Between art and science.

In the past decades, the L’Oréal Luxe brands have shaped the history of perfumery with unforgettable and iconic scents. 60 years of fragrance know-how that allowed us to become the undisputed world leader in fine fragrances.

The fragrances of the L’Oréal Luxe division brands embody the excellence of a unique vision inherited from L'Oréal's founder, the chemist Eugène Schueller, and rooted in the deep conviction that fragrances are essential to our lives. A universal carrier of well-being, of self-expression, of connection and of strong emotions. 

Because fragrance is not only smelled but also felt, we place creative and scientific innovation at the heart of creating fragrances for our brands, from the ingredients they are composed of, to the bottles that contain them. A symbiosis between art and science, this unique know-how has given rise to major, unforgettable creations.   

Discover our new series : The Art & Science of Fragrance

Episode 1: Crafting the Ingredient

Fragrance creation begins with the ingredient, our main source of inspiration.

A natural ingredient is made highly distinct by its original terroir. Its olfactive profile largely depends on the soil that nourished it. While the terroir influences it, the olfactive signature also depends on the chosen process that transforms the raw material into a perfumery ingredient. Olfactory beauty is born from masterful acts. Here unfolds the philosophy of the gesture. The gesture that transforms and through which magic happens. 

Episode 2: Pioneering Through Science

Fragrance creation is a scientific symphony.

Each perfume is a subtle alchemy of natural and synthetic raw materials. Each plays a crucial role. Nature brings its richness and spontaneity, while synthetics contribute precision and performance to sculpt the various facets of the perfume. All these materials are the subject of expert sciences, with the aim of evoking powerful emotions. 
Green Sciences emerge as an extraordinary field of innovation, opening new creative horizons for perfumers. They enable the expansion of the creative palette with new ingredients that bring olfactive uniqueness while minimizing environmental impact, as well as innovative extraction processes, such as our exclusive partnership with Cosmo International Fragrances. This slow and waterless process with low energy consumption, will allow the creation of 100% natural and pure extracts.
Episode 3: Unleashing Creativity

Fragrance creation is a collective journey, an encounter, a creative dialog.

A great perfume is always an encounter. The perfect harmony between a scent and the universe of a brand. Such resonance is never a product of chance but the result of a collaborative development: from initial inspiration to final trial, this adventure, little-known to the public, lasts several years. 
In the early 2000s, L’Oréal pioneered a unique creation model for its luxury fragrances by establishing its own “Scent Science & Fragrance Design” Direction: a team of fragrance experts fluent in both the language of perfumers and the world of luxury brands, fostering a fruitful dialogue in the pursuit of perfect harmony. This approach cultivates and enhances the singular olfactive identity of each brand within the L’Oréal Luxe Division.
Episode 4: Shaping the Dream

Fragrance creation is about crafting an object that is made to last.

A strong emotional impact, an object that is made to last: the process guiding the creation of fragrance bottles for the l’Oréal Luxe division could be summed up in this way. Considered an essential element of each creation, they are meant to tell a story, just like the fragrance itself. With its ultra-modern, disruptive, triangular silhouette on the one hand, and its refillable format on the other, the iconic Prada Paradoxe bottle is emblematic of this approach which infuses the entire development, starting with the first sketch. Blending the art of a designer with the science of the best glassmakers, the goal is to create more sustainable luxury objects, desirable and instantly recognizable, while reducing their environmental impact. 

The finest fragrances are born from unexpected encounters.

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