The Future Of The Customer Experience Is Revealed At The Cannes Lions Festival

From June 17-21, 2019, Cannes brings together the world’s leading marketing and advertising talent for the “International Festival of Creativity.” L’Oréal will use the event to reveal its latest innovations in terms of the customer experience.

The red carpet for creatives

After the stars of cinema in May, La Croisette welcomes the leading figures in the creative industries, from marketing to television, for the “International Festival of Creativity.” Created in 1954 and based on the model of the Venice and Cannes film festivals, the Cannes Lions awards recognize the best work in creative marketing over the previous year. Its trophies, in the shape of a Lion, “have set the benchmark for creativity and effectiveness for the past 60 years, while the scope of the festival has broadened significantly over time,” sums up Duncan Painter, president of the festival.

The event has continuously reinvented itself since the 1990s, in response to a diversification of the sector’s ecosystem, and has become a vast platform for discussion and thought leadership. “It offers the community of major global brands a clear perspective on the available talent and the people to work with,” adds Duncan Painter. What’s the program? The Cannes Lions covers 300 conferences, seminars and workshops dedicated to 10 key subjects of topical interest.

Among the speakers, Steve Stoute, founder and CEO of the Translation agency, will talk about how he revolutionized Gucci’s communications by collaborating with Dapper Dan, the legendary tailor of hip hop stars. Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, will explain how to go beyond the stereotypes in terms of beauty, while Tor Myhren, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Apple, will look at the refining exercise carried out by the brand. CLX: a place for dialogue between business and creativity However, the main innovation for 2019 is the CLX summit to “Connect, Learn, Experience.”

The product of a partnership between marketing strategy consultancies, MediaLink and Cannes Lions, the summit is designed to create a dialogue between leading players in marketing and communications on the one hand, and entertainment and the media on the other, with the aim of delivering a deep-rooted transformation of the customer experience.

Two new awards are meanwhile being launched at the festival: one in the field of sports marketing, and the other for “creative strategy.” L’Oréal in the spotlight Among the leading speakers this year is Lubomira Rochet, Chief Digital Officer of L’Oréal, who will give a presentation on the Group’s digital transformation, which began 10 years ago. Her presentation will show how new business models and a spirit of innovation have imbued every department in the Group, and particularly in the marketing department, where a new, more direct approach to consumers has been adopted. Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, voice-enabled marketing.

L’Oréal is investing massively in new technologies to give its customers an experience that is ever more seamless, innovative and personalized.

To illustrate this, Camille Kroely, the Group’s Global Head of Digital Services & Open Innovation, will present the forthcoming innovations that will harness artificial intelligence.

Stephan Garandet, Group Chief Digital Marketing Officer, will discuss L’Oréal’s latest digital campaigns with a group of creatives in a highly promising Meet Up session. Make sure to stay with us while we unveil the future of “Beauty Tech”!

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