YSL Rouge Sur Mesure: A Beauty Tech Innovation Powered By Perso

Personalized lipstick paves the way to a new beauty tech era

The iconic lip colors of Yves Saint-Laurent Beauté (YSL) are entering the Beauty Tech era with Perso, a new device from L’Oréal. Find out how artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are helping to create thousands of personalized bespoke shades.

Infused with YSL’s legendary colour expertise and powered by patented technology by Perso, ROUGE SUR MESURE is a personalized lip color device which creates shades that are “truly” like no other. Imagine… thousands of shades at your fingertips. The potent combination of your design with YSL’s iconic styling. All ready for you in just seconds. Welcome to a new era of intelligent make-up.


Discover YSL Rouge Sur Mesure by Perso 

YSL Rouge sur Mesure by Perso: Discover The Device

Create at-home personalized lipstick shades of the YSL Velvet Cream Matte Finish     

Rouge Sur Mesure takes the best of Beauty Tech and harnesses it to deliver personalized beauty. With this smart device, home consumers can create their very own versions of the iconic YSL’s iconic Velvet Cream Matte Finish lipstick.

Created by our L’Oréal Technology Incubator, Rouge Sur Mesure features color cartridge sets from YSL’s iconic universes of red, nude, orange, or fuchsia. With this innovation, home users can create thousands of bespoke lipstick shades with a single touch. The lid of the device functions as a compact luxury case, so you can take your personalized product along with you when you go out. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Sur Mesure Powered by Perso is available worldwide this year.

Using artificial intelligence to offer ultra-personalized beauty

Thanks to an app that can be installed on a phone or tablet, and by tapping into the endless potential of AI, users can explore and try on looks.

Three ways to create the desired shade:


  • Shade wheel: a circle of color, offering thousands of possibilities. Try on shades virtually and convert them into a real lipstick.

  • Shade match: pick up any real-life color through your camera to transform it into a personal lip shade.

  • Shade stylist: scan your outfit and get a recommended lip shade to match or clash your look.


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A personalized shade in just 3 steps

Press to dispense the shade selected and apply with the accompanying brush. The lip color is dispensed in a perfectly portioned, single dose for an easy and clean application.

2. Remove the compact for on an on-the-go re-touch of the selected shade.

3. Enjoy a tailored feed on the app to showcase personalized creations and interact with what others are proud to showcase.

Since providing advice is a fundamental aspect of the beauty expertise offered by YSL, users will also have access to a dynamic Discovery page, which shows trending shades within the Rouge Sur Mesure community, seasonally suggested shades, and exclusive beauty content.

A new era for beauty

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Sur Mesure Powered by Perso is an innovation that marks the start of a new era in which beauty is perfectly tailored to each individual’s expectations, complexion, or outfit.

Moreover, through the app, at-home users can access this beauty whilst at the same time benefitting from the expertise and advice that are the hallmarks of the YSL Beauty brand.

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Behind the scenes of the creation of Rouge Sur Mesure Powered by Perso

Interview with Guive Balooch, Global Vice President of L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator

1. What was the starting point of Rouge Sur Mesure?  
The development of Rouge Sur Mesure was informed by the L'Oréal Technology Incubator’s successful launches of award-winning products. From this previous work, we knew consumers needed a higher level of personalization with products – especially in the last several years – and we worked tirelessly to perfect the Perso system. Rouge Sur Mesure allows users, for the first time, to have personalized beauty experiences at home.
2. There have been many attempts to personalize beauty products - what makes this invention the real deal?
Rouge Sur Mesure took more than five years to develop, with the work and input from dozens of beauty, technological and innovation experts, and features various technological feats, including a patented motor system, of which I’m particularly proud. This system is located at the top of the device, which moves and compresses the formula from the cartridges at the base of the machine in an upward motion [versus other devices which push it down] to the dispensing tray above for a clean application. It’s a totally unique feature. 3. As a part of your creative process, you started by looking at the needs of the consumer - the YSL woman. How have these needs changed over time? 
The beauty industry is rapidly evolving, and we constantly have to be thinking ahead. With Rouge Sur Mesure specifically, a huge challenge was inclusivity and ensuring the device could produce enough shades to meet the myriad skin tones & cultural preferences of consumers. Another challenge was making the experience the most consumer-centric as possible for lipstick lovers that are not necessarily used to using technology. The third challenge was technological: accommodating all types of phones, creating smart packaging that was safe and hygienic, as well as creating a connected system, which dispensed formula up versus down. We successfully worked through these challenges and created a product and system that was truly inclusive with excellent performance.

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