Supporting Suppliers Committed to Hire People with Disabilities in France, Notably EA-ESAT

L’Oréal sub-contracts to companies employing people with disabilities.

Directly or with our suppliers, L’Oréal sub-contracts (co-packing, repacking, assembling) to companies employing people with disabilities, supporting a total of 2,499 full-time job beneficiaries in 28 countries. In 2021more than 130 suppliers were mobilized, including over 68 Adapted Entreprises (Entreprises adaptées – EA) and work assistance organizations (Etablissements et Services d’Aide par le Travail – ESAT)France is n°1 contributor, leading by example.

Therefore, we subcontract the packing boxes of our Travel Retail sets for our Luxe division, to a company (ESAT) that hires only individuals with disabilities.
Another example, is from one of our packaging suppliers who subcontracts the repacking and cleaning of the thermoformed trays for lipsticks to a company hiring only those with disabilities.


Key brands using this service: LancômeBiotherm, Armani, Yves Saint Laurent

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