L’Oréal Paris Beauty Genius

Today, consumers have a hard time finding the right products, with 70% overwhelmed by the number of choices available. They ask friends, search online, or watch videos to try and make sense of the sheer number of products on store shelves, often facing decision paralysis. Furthermore, consumers have very personal questions they aren’t comfortable discussing publicly, but don’t get answers because they have no one to turn to.
To solve this, as the number one beauty brand in the world, L’Oréal Paris is launching Beauty Genius, a Gen AI-powered personal beauty assistant that will be available 24/7 in our consumers’ pockets.   

beauty g visual

L’Oréal Paris Beauty Genius leverages the unique amount of L'Oréal Paris proprietary knowledge on beauty in Hair Care, Hair Color, Makeup, Skincare, as well as clinical studies, ingredients, routines, and extensive product catalog to guide consumers and help them make better choices.
It will offer its users:  

Personalized diagnostics: based on their inputs that can vary from answers to questions to high-tech selfies to analyze their skin based on 10+ parameters.

Personalized recommendations: beauty routines and product matching for haircare, hair color, skincare and makeup. Beauty Genius will provide personalized recommendations for over 750 skincare, makeup and hair color L’Oréal Paris products. Personalized education curated from social media and brand platforms.

Personalized Q&A: L’Oréal Paris Beauty Genius can also help Personalized Q&A, answering questions about intimate topics, such as skin concerns or hair loss. It can also help avoid uncomfortable or intimidating situations (without having to speak to a ‘real person’)



This seamless beauty experience and first-of-its-kind service for the Group leverages a combination of the latest tech: Gen AI, augmented reality, computer vision and color science. It combines its unique knowledge with a proprietary chain of reasoning, semantic filters, and intent detection to provide an assistant that can securely and accurately answer any question about Beauty. It does so with the luxurious and pioneering touch of the L'Oréal Paris brand, providing a state-of-the-art yet accessible experience.   
We analyzed hundreds of thousands of real-life discussions to understand exactly how a great interaction looks like, and let you have that perfect, private experience of a natural conversation with a beauty expert.
With L’Oréal Paris Beauty Genius, we want to provide the first product that enables a rich, immersive experience to learn anything about beauty in a simple, safe and easy way.  With this tool, we strengthen our mission to empower women through pioneering products and services enabling them to ask various questions about beauty.

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