Stories Of Multicultural Innovations

These products have been developed around the world, inspired by the beauty rituals and expectations of local consumers depending on their climate, their culture and their traditions. They are very successful in the regions where they originated and can also have an international appeal.


Originally created by dermatologists to sooth the skin and hide minor defects, Blemish Balm Cream (BB Cream) has become a star product in Korea.

Inspired by this local success and by their intimate knowledge of skin colors and treatment and makeup worldwide, L'Oréal's researchers developed a new generation BB Cream for Maybelline New York that provides five benefits in one application.

In each region where the product has been launched, its formula is adapted according to a refined approach to local culture and skin color. In turn, Garnier launched BB Cream in Europe and many women there have already been won over.


In India, hair care is one of the foremost beauty routines. Applying oil is an important step Indian women follow to fortify and nourish their hair.

A pleasant sensation. The ritual often begins with the application of oil, followed by a scalp massage and shampoo. A source of inspiration for the 2 in 1 formula Shampoo and Hair Oil developed by Garnier.


In Middle Eastern countries, hair coloring is a very frequent beauty ritual, especially for important occasions like marriages.

Inspired by traditional hair color using henna and argan oil to treat hair after coloring, Garnier adapted its Color Naturals formula. Enriched with olive oil, this after-color treatment offers women the benefits of modern, effective, rapid color that is practical as well!


Chinese consumers judge the effectiveness of a lip balm by the sensation on their lips but also by the visual results: the balm must be light and leave lips shiny, suggesting the moisturizing power of water.

This is a very different image from Europe and the United States, where women prefer heavier lip balm without shine.

This observation led to the development in the laboratories of Pudong, China, of Baby Lips - the first line of lip balm in soft and subtle colors under the Maybelline New York label, which moisturizes and repairs lips.


In Brazil, more than half of the women have long hair, very curly, dry and dull. Their first need is to repair their hair, which has been damaged by the sun, the humid climate, frequent washing and smoothing and straightening treatments.

L'Oréal launched Elsève Total Reparação, a complete line to repair hair texture, designed and formulated by the laboratories in Rio to address five problems described by Brazilian women. Its immediate success in Brazil rapidly spread throughout Latin America.

Since then, the Elsève Total Reparação 5 formula was launched in Europe, in India and the countries of South East Asia, where it has met with the same enthusiasm.


It was by observing shiny skin of Chinese men that the R&I teams had the idea of developing a unique technology that combines fibers and a mineral powder to absorb excess sebum and perspiration. This innovation led to the creation of Garnier Men Sweat & Oil control.

Launched in India, this treatment answers local consumer demand for a skincare in humid and hot countries. Garnier Men Sweat & Oil control offers a skin lightening cream that is capable of absorbing excess sebum and perspiration.

This major innovation could be rapidly adapted to consumers living in South East Asia, Europe and Latin America.

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