Biotherm Dives into Blue Beauty to Preserve the Aquatic Ecosystem

Beauty that comes from water and gives back to it

Water means different things to different people – but for our brand Biotherm, water is everything.

Dedicated to Blue Beauty

Biotherm is dedicating itself to Blue Beauty – beauty that comes from water and gives back to it. The brand sees Blue Beauty as a holistic approach to beauty that strives to offer products that take care of the skin while taking care of the planet, and in particular, the ocean.

The brand’s Blue Beauty strategy encompasses all aspects of its value chain, from the sourcing of natural ingredients to formulas and packaging through the end of products’ life, in order to minimize their environmental footprint on water and aquatic ecosystems.

Blue Biotech, for the best that nature has to give

“Biotherm comes from water and wants to give back to it. We believe in doing more than limiting our environmental impact. Blue Beauty is not only our philosophy; it is a journey that’s progressively taking us from a committed brand to a fully sustainable one. Our Blue Beauty strategy ties in decades of scientific expertise in the realm of Blue Biotech with our Blue sustainability commitments.”

Grégory Benoit,
Global Brand President of Biotherm

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Because it was born from the discovery of the regenerative properties of thermal plankton, the brand has always privileged natural ingredients. Blue Biotech is Biotherm’s way of amplifying the best of nature and infusing it in the brand’s products.
Using Blue Biotech helps meet consumers’ ever-increasing demand for natural products without endangering natural resources. It is about transforming natural raw materials into high-performing natural ingredients through processes like fermentation or gentle water extraction, in a sustainable way that respects marine environments.

Blue Commitments, for a better future for our oceans

In 2012, Biotherm committed to a better future for our oceans by launching Water Lovers, a program that defines its Blue Commitments to move towards products and packaging that respect the oceans. It is also a global movement to raise awareness on ocean conservation and the threat of plastic pollution.
In 2019, Biotherm took its Blue Beauty strategy further with a new highly ambitious sustainability roadmap for 2025, on which it accelerates every year with tangible innovations like the Life Plankton Elixir Blue Fountain, the brand’s first refillable skincare solution.


An ambitious Live By Blue Beauty roadmap

To bring its Live By Blue Beauty program to life, Biotherm has built on its previous engagements and set itself new, ambitious objectives through 2030 in 4 key areas across its value chain: ingredients, formulas, sustainable design and community empowerment.

More Renewable Ingredients

By 2030, 100% of the biobased ingredients for formulas and packaging materials will be traceable and will come from sustainable sources. None of them will be linked to deforestation.

More Formulas That Respect The Ocean

By 2030, the mean biodegradability of Biotherm’s skincare formulas will be 90%.

More Sustainable Design Solutions

By 2025, 100% of our plastic packaging will be refillable, reusable, recyclable or compostable.

Partners For Ocean Conservation

By 2025, every local Biotherm market will have a local NGO partner in order to organize beach cleanings and other locally relevant environmental actions.

Blue Partners, going farther together

Biotherm’s Blue Beauty vision means recognizing that a brand can only go so far alone. Today, Biotherm partners with NGOs who bring their expertise and help both to advance research and to mobilize consumers, urging them to join its global community of Water Lovers. Biotherm has research and educational partnerships with the most active NGOs in the field of ocean preservation through the "Water Lovers" program: Mission Blue with Sylvia Earl (2012), Tara Ocean Foundation (2017), Surfrider Foundation Europe (2020).

On the occasion of World Water Day 2021, Biotherm is proud to unveil that it is now the major Executive Partner of the Oceanographic Institute, Prince Albert I of Monaco Foundation.

Biotherm and the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco share a common mission to inspire love and protection for our oceans and a common conviction that now is the time to act to create a better future for our oceans.

With this new partnership, Biotherm becomes the major Executive Partner of the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco. The brand’s financial support will contribute to supporting the Oceano’s actions for the oceans, mobilizing its global network of experts and decision-makers and raising public awareness on the fragile situation of the ocean today.

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