L’Oréal's Mutual Ethical Commitment Letter

L’Oréal publishes its Mutual Ethical Commitment Letter to make public its requirements and commitment towards its suppliers, in line with its global ethics, corporate responsibility, human rights and compliance programs and policies.

Managing the relationship with suppliers: the importance of sharing ethical standards

We believe that the way a company does business is as important as its financial performance and the quality of its products and services. In a changing world, our Ethical Principles of Integrity, Respect, Courage and Transparency serve as our compass for acting ethically day-to-day. These principles shape our culture, underpin our reputation, and allow all L’Oréal employees to build trust in all our activities every day.

We value our suppliers and integrate them in our ecosystem. Hence L’Oréal has been for a long time presenting and explaining the commitments and standards in terms of human rights, working conditions, environmental stewardship and business integrity that are applied in our own entities throughout the world. As our suppliers play a key role in the development of our activities, we ask them to meet the same standards and favour those who are willing to do so. We do not compromise on our values and principles while supporting their continuous improvement on the matter.

“At L’Oréal we put our suppliers at the heart of our sustainable transformation. We evolve in the same ecosystem. We have shared responsibilities and mutual commitments. This Mutual Ethical Commitment Letter is our strategic alignment to implement the same standards across all our value chain for Human Rights Protection, Environmental Preservation, Business Integrity, Diversity and Inclusion. It is our license to operate, it is a must to start business together.”

Séverine Thery-Cave, Group Chief Procurement Officer– Direct Sourcing and Audrey Izard, Group Chief Procurement Officer – Indirect Sourcing

L’Oréal's Mutual Ethical Commitment Letter

In accordance with our Code of Ethics and as a supporter of the United Nations Global Compact, this strong commitment has been initiated in 2002 with the Ethical Commitment Letter that all our strategic suppliers have signed. We release in 2021 an updated version, the Mutual Ethical Commitment Letter, to highlight the mutual commitment that we and our suppliers share when building a relationship. This document covers on human rights, working conditions, environmental stewardship and business integrity, including the possibility for our business partners to use our whistleblowing system, L’Oréal Speak Up, if they feel that we are not living up to our own high ethical standards. We progressively roll out this new version to all suppliers worldwide.

This commitment is fully integrated in our Sourcing process and benefits from a close follow up and continuous exchange of best practices with our suppliers. Moreover, the suppliers that present the most significant risks because of their activity or geographic location (based on a risk assessment) are audited on these topics by a third party. The audit points are set forth in this Mutual Ethical Commitment Letter.

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