The "L'Oréal Share and Care" Social Program

Launched two years ago, the "L’Oréal Share & Care" programme provides employees in the 67 countries with a universal set of social benefits. Over 100 initiatives have also been set up by subsidiaries, making L'Oréal, in each of the countries, one of the leading employers in terms of social policy.

This set of social protections addresses the essential needs of employees in four areas: health, welfare, parenthood and quality of life at work.  Some of the main measures include:
- At least twenty-four months paid in the event of death or permanent incapacity 
- An access to major treatments with a reimbursement of at least 75% of related costs
- A minimum paternity leave of 3 days paid at 100% of the salary
- A minimum maternity leave of 14 weeks paid at 100% of the salary

Discover the programme and the initiatives through the L’Oréal Share & Care initiatives film