L'Oréal, market leader in men's grooming

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L’Oréal leverages its expertise in R&D to better understand and satisfy the expectations and needs of Indonesian consumers. Among other initiatives, Indonesian research team works closely with the R&I team to understand the needs of the locals and to adapt products which are specific to Indonesian skin and hair. The results of such research are visible through the development of innovative products that meet market needs and demands. The fact of using this research-based approach has enabled the L’Oréal Group to become the leader in men’s cosmetics in Indonesia.

Like in all Asian countries, the men’s cosmetics market is enjoying rapid growth in Indonesia. Indonesian men are sensitive to innovation and they express different expectations than women. Although they seek the same end-result of preserving a clear complexion despite the pollution and tropical climate, men give priority to skin care products like cleansing gels and moisturizers with light textures.

Through its different brands, L’Oréal offers the most comprehensive range of products for men. These brand launches have met with great success: with 11.9 million units sold since the start of 2012 the Garnier Men line topped sales win barely a year; L’Oréal Men Expert, the pioneer brand has been on the market since 2009 and offers a very extensive line of products (skin cleansers, eye-contour roll-on, etc.); the recent launch of L’Oréal Professionnel Homme, a hair care line created just for men and exclusively distributed in hair salons.