Wearing Diesel makes for successful living in a positive, jubilant community that plays by its own rules. More than a brand, a modern lifestyle, a mix of refinement, provocation and humor.


Diesel is a fashion industry legend, a pioneer in the world of denim and casual wear. Never forsaking its original DNA, Diesel has evolved into an iconic global lifestyle brand, beyond the trends, and yet ahead of them. Despite the company's extraordinary growth, its philosophy remains the same as in 1978, when Renzo Rosso envisaged Diesel as a brand that would stand for passion, individuality and self-expression. Today, Diesel continues to blaze its own trail. It is on a continuing mission to challenge the status quo, experiment with new ideas, innovate and provoke.

Diesel fragrances reuse classic perfume codes with a modern twist to create unique, multifaceted scents, that are colorful, often unconventional, and with a real personality.

Diesel Only The Brave embodies Diesel masculinity. It’s an ode to bravery. 
Bravery is about giving yourself the freedom to be who you really are, whoever you are. It’s about defining your values and having the audacity to defend them. Bravery is finding the courage to be the hero of your own life. Tomorrow belongs to the brave and the brave only.