Urban Decay

Urban Decay’s story opens in the mid-‘90s, when pink, red and beige enslaved the prestige beauty market. Heaven forbid you wanted purple or green nails, because you’d either have to whip out a marker, or risk life and limb with that back alley drugstore junk.

Urban Decay's Muse

Flying in the face of this monopoly, Sandy Lerner, David Soward and Wende Zomnir unleashed Urban Decay in January of 1996 with a line of 10 lipsticks and 12 nail enamels. Inspired by seedier facets of the urban landscape, they bore groundbreaking names like Roach, Smog, Rust, Oil Slick and Acid Rain. The vibe since day one? Beauty with an edge™.

While UD has grown like crazy since then, they haven’t stopped experimenting. They now offer an endless array of high-performance cosmetics, from velvety-soft shadows and creamy lipsticks to weightless complexion products and high-tech setting sprays to make your makeup last all day.