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Garnier announced a radical reduction in the brand's global impact on the environment.

By 2025, all Garnier products will be manufactured without the use of so-called non-recycled plastic (Virgin Plastic), the packaging of all products will be recyclable, degradable or reusable, and all Garnier factories will be CO2 neutral.

Environment, health, social protection and care are more important today than ever. Unprecedented events in the last few months have put the role of brands in today's society in the center of attention. Consumer expectations have changed - people want brands they can trust, that are transparent and that are genuinely committed to being better, especially when it comes to influencing the planet. * Garnier has been committed to sustainable development for years, as evidenced by the production of more and more natural formulas using sustainable ingredients as well as ingredients obtained by "fair trade", and even Garnier is the first brand to popularize organic products in the mass market of skincare products. Now Garnier wants to go even further, change the way the beauty industry works and be at the forefront of these changes on behalf of all of us.

Garnier’s Green Beauty Initiative represents a complete and holistic approach to sustainability. Its goal is to transform every link in the value chain of the brand, reducing or neutralizing the impact on the environment in the following areas:

Plastics and packaging

• By 2025, Garnier will completely stop using so-called "non-recycled plastic" (Virgin Plastic) in all its packaging and thus reduce plastic production by 37 thousand tons per year **

• By 2025, all Garnier packaging will be reusable, recyclable or degradable.

Products and formulas

• By 2022, all plant and renewable ingredients will be collected from sustainable sources.

• By 2025, 100% of Garnier’s new products will have an improved environmental impact

Factories and production.

• By 2025, Garnier will have a 100% CO2 neutral plant, thanks to the use of renewable energy sources.

• Carbon dioxide emissions in industrial plants have already been reduced by 72% ***.

Sustainable sources of raw materials and fair procurement

• By 2025, Garnier will support 800 communities worldwide under the Solidarity sourcing program.

The Green Beauty initiative includes the Sustainability Progress Report, which offers full transparency of Garnier's activities in this field and can be accessed publicly through the global Garnier website. This report also shows where Garnier is today, presents projects that have already been implemented with the help of scientists and experts, and shows how the brand will achieve its ambitious goals for 2025.

Garnier’s Green Beauty initiative seeks to help consumers make better sustainable choices at the time of purchase. Garnier also wants to further educate consumers on important topics such as recycling through its digital channels.

Garnier will be the first brand to implement new product labeling and information on their impact on the environment and society (Product Environmental & Social Impact Labeling) as part of the large global L’Oréal for the Future program. The goal is to inform consumers about the impact of that product on the environment and society through product labels, in order to make more sustainable choices when shopping. This way of labeling ranks a product based on its sustainability class, on a scale from A to E, where products marked with the "A" label are the best in class. To create this scale, 14 environmental impact factors were taken into account, such as: procurement, production, transport, use and recyclability. This method of labeling has been tested for the first time in France on hair care products, and labeling Garnier products in this way on the website will in the future be available to consumers around the world.

As part of the Green Beauty initiative, and in order to support the fight against plastic pollution, Garnier has teamed up globally with two NGOs: Ocean Conservancy (Environmental Conservancy) and Plastics for Change. “- directed towards social influence).

The launch of the Green Beauty initiative will also be supported by the launch of a series of new Garnier products.

Adrien KOSKAS, Global President of the Garnier Brand says:

"Green Beauty will transform the way we do business. Developed with the help of our partners, experts and consumers, this initiative highlights our ambitions in this field supported by realistic and tangible goals. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and introducing innovations to enable a sustainable future. It will take time, but the Green Beauty initiative will transform Garnier, and hopefully the cosmetics industry as a whole. ”

* Edelman Trust Barometer 2020: Coronavirus Special Report.

** Based on 2019 Garnier plastic consumption

*** Comparison of spending from 2019 and 2005

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