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Pioneers in a beauty tech world

Our services and our relationships with our customers are constantly evolving, reflecting the dynamism of our beauty tech innovations. From hair to skincare to cosmetics, from apps to devices, we use the power of technology to create revolutionary experiences in the world of beauty.

We are where our customers are: on apps, on the web, and in store. Where messaging is an important way to find and buy products, we are there, too. But wherever you find us, our services and our products are enhanced by beauty technology. You can explore our products. You can try them on. You can see what is right for you and be sure that you’re happy with the result – all with the help of beauty technology.

With Modiface, always further in personalization

Working with ModiFace, our AI/AR market leader, we have developed a range of applications to deliver a personalized, immersive experience to our customers. Want to experiment virtually with different looks? Our apps let customers do exactly that. Another application provides a comprehensive skin diagnostic and offers personalised product recommendations. And if someone is looking for suggestions and advice, he can use our technology to access a one-to-one live tutorial and coaching session.

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