360° virtual tour of the Saint-Quentin plant in France

360° virtual tour of the Saint-Quentin production plant: behind the scenes at L’Oréal

Have you ever wondered how aerosols, sprays roll-ons are made?

Take a virtual tour of our Saint-Quentin plant in the Aisne area of France, where technological innovation drives L’Oréal’s overall performance while responding to new customer expectations and simplifying our employees’ day-to-day lives.

In 2020, the Alliance Industrie du Futur awarded the Saint-Quentin plant the “Industry of the Future” label for its forward-looking approach, commending its digital transformation, incorporating high-tech technologies and a people-focused strategy. This independent French label recognizes the teams’ digital-driven innovation in safety, workstation ergonomics, product quality and agility.

“We are proud of what we have achieved and are committed, now more than ever, to continuing this digital transformation by expanding our teams’ expertise.”

Vincent Meneray, Director of L’Oréal's Saint-Quentin Plant

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The role of a maintenance engineer inside the factory
Audrey Fievez – Performance engineer
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