Facilitating the low-carbon agricultural transition for farmers in France

The L'Oréal Fund for Nature Regeneration invests in Rize to make carbon finance easily accessible to all farms in France and Europe.

The L’Oréal Fund for Nature Regeneration – One of Group’s impact investment fund, managed by Mirova – is investing in Rize, a French technological start-up created in 2020 and part of the Station F “Future 40” ranking.

Its mission is to accelerate the low-carbon agricultural transition by facilitating access to carbon financing for farmers. Rize has developed a complete and unique digital solution to support farmers from the diagnostic phase of their farm to the marketing of carbon credits, including technical assistance for improving practices and impact monitoring.

Today, agriculture is responsible for more than 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, we know that soils, particularly through sustainable agricultural practices, can sequester up to 25% of the CO2 that can be captured by ecosystems.

Rize's mission is to make carbon finance easily accessible to all farms in Europe.

The investment in Rize is intended to consolidate and accelerate Rize's potential to become a leading player in the regeneration of agricultural land in Europe through an innovative and cutting-edge approach. Making these innovations available to farmers can play a significant role in accelerating the adoption of regenerative agriculture.

“The investment by the L’Oréal Fund for Nature Regeneration is a structuring step for Rize. It is not only the validation by internationally recognised experts of the work of the Rize teams, the quality of the Rize project and its power to accelerate the agro-ecological transition, but above all it is the gathering around the project of skills at the cutting edge of impact and sustainable financing. In this respect, and as part of this investment, Rize is making strong commitments to continue improving its methods and to equip itself with an environmental and social management system that meets the best international standards”

Etienne Variot – Co-founder and CEO Rize


we aim to regenerate more than 2.5 million hectares of agricultural land


the sequestration of 4 million tons of CO2


support of 75,000 farmers in France and Europe

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