• More Women among Our Top People

L’Oréal has long been a leader in gender equality. Worldwide, as of 2018, women account for 69% of our workforce, 47% of our management committee members, 31% of our Executive Committee members and 54% of our key positions.

We are certified by EDGE (Economic Dividends for Gender Equality) and GEEIS (Gender Equality European and International Standard) in 29 countries. These two independent organizations conduct in-depth, rigorous audits of current staff and hiring policies and we are proud to meet their strict equality standards.

Equileap, a non-profit organization and the first global database to rank 3,000 publically listed companies on gender equality, ranked L’Oréal the top gender-balanced company in Europe in 2018. Among other distinctions, the United Nations granted L’Oréal the CEO Leadership Award for Gender Equality and the Group is included among the Bloomberg 2018 Gender-Equality Index which highlights companies that have made strong commitments to gender equality.

• Welcoming People of every Social, Economic and Multicultural Origins

As a global enterprise, L’Oréal is inherently multi-cultural. Since we provide beauty products for people from every background and every continent, diversity within our company is not only fair, it is good business.

Designing and marketing products for the international market is done better when team members themselves come from a wide range of ethnic and social groups. Studies have also proven that the more diverse the team, the more effective the decisions they make: The greater the variety of viewpoints the greater the chances for success. We see evidence of it every day.

L’Oréal was a founding member of the first Diversity Charter in France in 2004. Since then we have signed and helped create similar charters in 15 countries. In 2018, we were recognized by Thomson Reuters as one of the Top 10 in the world for Diversity & Inclusion from a list of over 7,000 companies.

• Enabling People with disabilities

People with disabilities bring unique experiences and ideas to the table. Like every sort of diversity, different types of capacities and points of view enhance our mission. L’Oréal values people for their personal qualities, their skills and their contributions.

By the end of 2018, L’Oréal employed 1 177 people with disabilities. That is not enough and we are endeavoring to attract greater numbers of differently-abled people. Keeping in mind that 71% of disabilities are invisible, our offices around the world are instituting awareness programs to ensure that our workplaces are welcoming to people with disabilities and adapted to their needs. We hope such efforts will encourage them to seek positions with us and to stay with us.
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