Vichy : Measuring Product Improvement Using Spot

In 2017, the Vichy brand renovated its rich skincare treatment Aqualia Thermal. Using SPOT allowed the brand to quantify its exact progress on each of the four areas of improvement :

  • regarding the packaging, the box was no longer laminated, which makes easier the recycling of packaging, the jar contained 10% recycled glass and the weight of the cap was reduced by 10g (-44%);
  • the environmental footprint of the formula has been improved as the biodegradability rate increased from 71% to 97%;
  • the proportion of renewable ingredients sourced sustainably or derived from green chemistry rose from 55% to 95%;
  • the social impact has been improved as the product formula now includes shea butter produced via a sustainable sourcing programme developed in Burkina Faso and benefiting to more than 35,000 women producers.
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