For the first time, L'Oréal Canada has achieved EDGEplus certification and upgraded its certification level to EDGE Move

L’Oréal Canada is the second subsidiary of the L'Oréal Group – and the first organization in Canada - to receive an EDGEplus Certification.

The organization also achieved the second level of EDGE Certification: EDGE Move!

Being committed to being one of the best employers in the country, L'Oréal Canada promotes an inclusive workplace where everyone feels appreciated and respected. Therefore, upgrading their EDGE certification to the second level - EDGE Move - is another step in their journey toward gender equity that began in 2015.

In addition, this year and for the very first time, L'Oréal Canada achieved EDGEplus certification, a part of the EDGE solution that allows organizations to measure other aspects of diversity and gender intersectionality, such as race/ethnicity, sexual identity, sexual orientation, age, working with disabilities, and nationality.

Commenting on their double achievement, An Verhulst-Santos, President and CEO of L'Oréal Canada, says: “At L'Oréal Canada, we are extremely proud to be the second subsidiary of the L'Oréal Group and the first company in Canada to receive an EDGEplus Certification. This important step brings us closer to achieving our visionary diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals, and we are honoured to be leading the way towards a society in which everyone can live in a safe, peaceful, and impartial environment.  Thanks to the EDGE partnership, we can exercise our leadership role on the DEI front and work towards reaching our goal of creating beauty that moves the world forward. Beauty that is a vehicle for freedom, a force that fuels our need to share and interact with each other, breaking down barriers and bringing communities together”. 

“We congratulate L’Oréal Canada on achieving EDGE Move certification which validates the company’s robust proactive management of gender pay equity and reveals a strong framework of policies and practices to ensure equitable career flows for women and men. At the same time, with their EDGEplus certification L’Oréal Canada commits to measure, accelerate and progress on a certain number of intersectional issues pertaining to gender identity, ethnic origin, age, LGBTQIA 2 S+ and working with a disability status”, says Aniela Unguresan, Founder of the EDGE Certified Foundation.

About L’Oréal Canada

L’Oréal Canada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of L’Oréal Group, the largest cosmetics company in the world. Headquartered in Montreal, the company had sales of $1.18 billion in 2020 and employs more than 1,450 people. The company holds a portfolio of 36 brands, encompassing all aspects of beauty, and is present across all distribution networks: mass market, department stores, salons, pharmacies, drugstores, and branded retail. L'Oréal Canada, whose operations are carbon neutral, supports the L'Oréal Foundation’s programs such as L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science, which has promoted the advancement of women in science in Canada since 2003,   Beauty for a better life, a social reintegration program in hairdressing for immigrant women since 2017.

About EDGE Strategy

EDGE Strategy offers an integrated SaaS-based DE&I solution allowing organizations to measure, accelerate and get certified for where they stand in terms of gender and intersectional equity. EDGE’s customer base consists of 200 large organizations in 44 countries across five continents, representing 29 different industries.

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