L'Oréal Canada employees volunteer more than 4,240 hours to promote social inclusion

On July 5, L'Oréal Canada employees joined forces and went to the field to support organizations that work for people living in vulnerable situations.

Every year for the past fourteen years, the teams have mobilized during their annual Citizen Day by offering their time and skills to serve the communities around them.

This year, they have chosen to act for social inclusion.

Nearly one-third of employees participated in a wide range of activities such as sorting clothes, painting walls, cleaning, gardening, as well as preparing meals and interacting with beneficiaries of 16 charities in Montreal. In addition, more than 2,000 hygiene kits were prepared and shipped to 27 women's shelters across the island of Montreal.

"This annual day of solidarity is an important part of L'Oréal Canada's corporate culture," said An Verhulst-Santos, President and CEO of L'Oréal Canada. "We are very proud to see our employees share important values of commitment and solidarity and to know that they clearly want to create an impact in their community," she continues.

The impacts of this Citizens' Day 2023 are significant. 

Here are a few examples:

  • At Welcome Hall Mission, 2,000 bags of school supplies and snacks were compiled for homeless Montrealers.
  • At Fairy Godmothers, 1750 dresses and 1000 pairs of shoes were sorted to offer a complete prom outfit to Secondary 5 girls from vulnerable backgrounds.
  • At Resilience Montreal, 400 lunches were prepared and 100 Indigenous women were able to benefit from a dress service.
  • At the Canadian Red Cross, 167 square kilometres of vulnerable geographic areas were digitally mapped.
  • At the Cloverdale Village Cooperative, 1.5km² of surfaces were cleaned for its residents.
  • At Floranthropy 100 bouquets of flowers were created from recovered flowers and offered to children and vulnerable adults.

Creating the beauty that moves the world requires making a difference in the field. 

See you next year!

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