L'Oréal Canada For Girls in Science encourages perseverance at Les Scientifines!

L'Oréal Canada, which has been promoting science careers for girls since 2003, proudly contributed to the annual 2022 Science Fair "Towards New Scientific Adventures".

Organized by Les Scientifines earlier this month, two employees from the Scientific Affairs team, Maya Toutaoui and Jada Aniceto, judged the presentations of several teams, and then, at the awards ceremony held virtually on May 5, Virginie Hotte-Dupuis, in the External Relations and Engagement team, presented an award in the Perseverance category to Zoé and Anaïs, two young scientists who impressed the judges.

"Being a judge was an enriching and surprising experience. The Scientifines were very well prepared and committed to their projects! I loved this experience, the girls are very engaging and I had a hard time deciding between such charming candidates! "said Maya Toutaoui, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Analyst. 

Virginie Hotte-Dupuis, Director, External Relations & Corporate Social Responsibility, emphasized in presenting the award "the importance of promoting the place of women in science, starting at a young age, to ensure more equitable scientific research. 

L'Oréal Canada is proud to support this annual project of Les Scientifines, an organization whose mission is to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) among young girls aged 8 to 17 from disadvantaged backgrounds in order to enable them to develop various cross-cutting skills, and thus counteract school dropout and poverty among women. 

To help make scientific careers more attractive and to encourage young girls to take up research, L'Oréal Canada launched its For Girls in Science program in 2003. Raising awareness among young people during their school years is key to dispelling preconceived notions that science and research are "too difficult", "monotonous", "elitist", or worse, "for men only". This is a key element of our commitment to encourage more and more young girls to take up science.

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