Caution Notice

This is to notify all concerned, as well as the general public, that it has come to the attention of L’Oréal India Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as ‘L’Oréal’ or ‘the Company’) that some unidentified unscrupulous person(s)/entities are defrauding by using the name of the Company and by impersonating L’Oréal, names of its employees, forging documents, creating fake websites and thereby cheating the general public and third parties by issuing fake purchase orders and obtaining delivery of goods/services against the same and causing monetary loss to third parties by such impersonation, where such placement of orders or solicitation has neither been authorized by L’Oréal nor the Company has any relation to the same.

L’Oréal has taken steps to initiate strict legal action, both civil and criminal against these activities and the persons behind the same and will pursue legal actions to protect its rights, reputation as well as to avoid inconvenience and harassment of the general public.

The general public is cautioned not to be misled by aforementioned acts. The company shall bear no responsibility for any loss suffered by anyone by dealing with such unscrupulous person(s)/entities and the same shall be at their own risk.

L’Oréal reserves the rights to pursue its legal remedies against any entity found to be involved in any capacity in such illegal acts at their costs and consequences.

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