L’Oréal Middle East Raises Awareness on Mental Health

Anxiety, depression and OCD are some of the mental health issues that so many people suffer from in silence. To raise awareness on mental health and to encourage employees to speak up about their hidden disabilities, L’Oréal Middle East launched “Never Alone”, a campaign that sheds light on Mental Health and addresses the fact that disabilities should be voiced out and accepted without embarrassment, shame or stigma.

In addition, employees were encouraged open up about their hidden disabilities through creating confidential channels with L’Oréal Middle East Diversity and Inclusion Champion.

In parallel, the Group organized a full week on Mental Health Awareness and hosted internal and external speakers covering different topics such as a deep dive sessions on disability in the region in addition to the group’s diversity and inclusion strategy and vision. Additionally, Dareen Barbar, the first Arab Women Amputee to participate in a triathlon and Nawal ElMasri, Mental Health Activist, shared with employees their impressive journey on how they overcome the challenges and achieved their dreams.

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