L’Oréal Groupe Message regarding Ukraine

It has been almost a year since the Russian invasion of Ukraine which has caused so much suffering to the people of Ukraine.  We admire the courage of our Ukrainian team and continue to be concerned for their safety.

We will continue to support our L’Oréal Ukraine colleagues, both those that have remained in Ukraine and those who have left the country. 

To support people in Ukraine, as well as refugees, we donated €2.7 million to local and international NGOs including UNHCR and UNICEF.  In 2023 we will continue this support through the EUR 5 million Fund for Ukraine.

Our collaboration with the UNHCR has supported 1.74 million people inside Ukraine and 382,000 refugees in neighboring countries.

We have distributed 850,000 essential care and hygiene products in Ukraine and neighboring countries and will continue to provide additional products in the coming months.

We sincerely hope this war will end soon. We would like to reassure you of our long-term and unwavering support. You are in our thoughts.

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