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L’Oréal for All Generations, the new program for all ages

Supporting employees throughout their careers

In 2035, 50% of the population in Europe will be over 45 years old. 70% of the professions that will be practiced then do not exist today, and Artificial Intelligence will impact all careers. At L'Oréal worldwide, 15% of our employees are over 50 years old. For the first time, four generations are working together.

To meet the major challenges of demographic, technological, and ecological changes, L'Oréal must be the most inclusive, inspiring, and innovative company where everyone has their place regardless of their age and experience. That's why employability must be developed throughout one's career, and we believe that companies have an active role to play in transforming this challenge into an opportunity.

The L’Oréal Spain GENERACIONES program that focused on physical, mental, and economical health started in 2019, and it inspired a companywide program, L'OREAL FOR ALL GENERATIONS. This program was launched in France in 2022 with GENERATION DAYS. It is now being gradually rolled out with concrete actions in several key countries and regions, such as Europe, China, and the USA. 


This holistic program places intergenerational and employability at the heart of its objectives. We strive to better support our employees, from their entry into the company until retirement, to make L'Oréal the company for all generations. Here are the five pillars of our program, with concrete actions:

  •  Promoting intergenerational diversity: The goal is to change the perception of experienced employees, notably with an e-learning on intergenerational and age topics, available worldwide. To further tackle stereotypes associated with age, our German/ Austria/ Switzerland team launched an anti-stereotype video campaign during their GENERATIONS DAYS, and Italy showcased a theatre course on age and generations. This effort is joined by a communication campaign in France with “no filters” videos to highlight inspiring career paths at all ages. Our China teams hosted a GENERATION DAYS featuring a GenFuse workshop, to promote intergenerational exchange.  
  •  Adapting Health and Well-being initiatives at work: in France, a comprehensive Prevention Advice Assessment is offered to all employees over 50 with support from health professionals. In China, Preventive health and Family protection plans are featured during the Generations days. We have also promoted a Menopause Day in France, Portugal, Germany, and the UK. 

  •  Developing employability throughout one's career: employees of all ages continue to be trained and to move within their professional careers. For example, in France, all employees in factories and distribution centers undergo training in essential digital skills: 300 people have already been trained in 2022 and the program continues this year. In China, a workshop around self-directed upskilling was conducted in September 2023. 
  • Facilitating a successful transition to retirement: the most experienced employees can prepare during dedicated seminars in France. In China, a mental wellness initiative was put in place to offer support on different life situations, including retirement. 
  • Facilitating new life projects post-L'Oréal: the most experienced employees can maintain a connection with the company if they wish through the Alumni and/or in France the Generations L'OREAL association (retired former employees). This network exists in BENELUX, France and Italy, and the Alumni group is present in Spain, Portugal 

This is just the beginning: we will continue to enrich our practices to better support our employees, regardless of their age and experience. L'Oréal for All Generations aims to make intergenerationality and employability throughout one's career a real lever for growth and innovation.

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