Beauty of Inclusion Awards: L’Oréal’s Local Teams Worldwide Were Recognized for their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives

What are the Beauty of Inclusion Awards?

The Beauty of Inclusion Awards, in its first-ever edition, recognized and celebrated the best and most inspiring initiatives led by L’Oréal’s local teams worldwide in Diversity Equity & Inclusion. These awards cover all our pillars:

  • Gender & LGBTQIA+
  • Socio-Economic & Multicultural Origins
  • Age & Generations
  • Disability


submissions from across the world and across all parts of the business

8 500





 Which are the different award categories?

The awards recognize initiatives promoting Diversity Equity & Inclusion among L’Oréal employees, consumers, and communitiesFollowing selection at country and zone level, we were down to 18 finalist projects. All of these projects were outstanding, inspiring and worthy of recognition. 

L’Oréal Brazil - Mentoria Colorida project

Which are the criteria for project eligibility?

  • Project must concern one or more of L’Oréal’s global DEI pillars (Gender & LGBTQIA+, Socio-Economic & Multicultural Origins, Age & Generations, Disability)
  • Project must be already launched in your entity, with measurable KPIs
  • Project must have capability to be rolled out in other subsidiaries
  • Purely philanthropic projects are not eligible
  • Global initiatives are not eligible but unique local activations of global initiatives (including brand causes) may be submitted
  • Project application must not include any personal data

How the Beauty of Inclusion Awards were born?

This Award is the continuation of a long commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at L’Oréal. 

14 years ago we launched a competition called the Disability Awards. When we thought about continuing this year, it was clear that we needed to be bigger, and more inclusive than ever, in every sense of the term. 

And so the Beauty of Inclusion Awards were born, and L’Oréal teams rose to the occasion.


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